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Unlock what drives your people, and leverage it to drive outcomes.

Our Ethical Culture and Program Assessment helps you identify what drives employee behavior, decision-making, and performance.
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Tap into the core values that drive ethical behavior and corporate culture.

Values guide behavior which, in turn, impacts performance. Our Ethical Culture and Program Assessment is a proprietary survey offering that allows you to assess your culture, leadership, and employees’ behavioral choices—ultimately gauging the effectiveness of your E&C program and how your values resonate across the organization. While most E&C program assessments concentrate on checking program structure, processes, and controls against a chosen benchmark, our survey helps you dig deeper to understand whether your program truly “works in practice” and how your culture impacts organizational performance. Based on your results, we provide tactical and practical direction on how to enhance ethical behavior and mitigate company risk.
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Building an ethical culture requires building trust and respect in the workplace.

Communication is key in situations that require ethical decision-making. LRN Senior Advisor Susan Divers explains the importance of speaking up and listening up—especially as a manager or leader—to enhance ethical culture.

Learn how to measure what matters with the LRN Benchmark of Ethical Culture.

This global benchmark survey of nearly 8,000 employees at corporations around the world examines the underpinnings of corporate culture and its influence on employee conduct and business performance. We use this benchmark data to assess how the most principled organizations compare regionally and against their industry peers. Client partners of LRN who engage in an Ethical Culture and Program Assessment can define their own performance against these benchmarks. The research is clear: ethical culture doesn’t just protect business assets and reputation; it also propels the bottom line. 
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Answer the questions that matter to your culture, organization, and team members.

The Ethical Culture and Program Assessment is grounded in LRN’s globally tested, empirically validated research, as well as our nearly three decades of experience helping organizations shape their cultures and create effective E&C programs. The survey is mobile-ready and includes customizable, tailored categories such as trust, speaking up, performance under pressure, ethical leadership, values orientation, and more. Analysis and reporting provide you with actionable recommendations to leverage your strengths and close any gaps. Our advisors oversee the entire process—from discovery to post-implementation planning—and will support a variety of follow-up solutions including focus groups, communication campaigns, and leadership workshops.
Assess culture from the perspective of observed behaviors, attitudes, and values.
Inform ethics and compliance strategy, prioritize training, and hone communication.
Gain a deeper understanding of whether your E&C program guides and enables employees.
Benchmark against industry peers and the most principled organizations.
Identity pockets of excellence or concern with precision.
Demonstrate effectiveness to global regulators, audit committees, and boards.
Case study

Helping Latin America’s energy leader become an industry vanguard in corporate governance and ethics.

How can ethical culture enhance performance, reputation, and differentiation? LRN worked with Promigas, one of Latin America’s energy leaders, to answer that question—and helped them outperform industry benchmarks by more than 40% along the way.
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The assessment was thorough and the data was displayed clearly and in the voice of our people. In combination with our founder’s humility and willingness to digest, accept, and address the findings, the impact was enormous. That couldn’t have happened without the LRN process.”

MICHAEL WILLIAMSONSenior Director, Compliance & Ethics – Pacific Dental Services

Culture is built gradually, step by step, but the journey to strengthening culture never ends. Working with LRN has allowed us to stay focused on our long-term goals while also ensuring clear and effective short-term strategies to accelerate our success.”

JIMENA ARANGOChief Risk and Compliance Officer – Promigas

I can’t recommend [the ethical culture assessment] enough....It really guided what we did and it’s still guiding what we do now...."

GAIL LEHMANEVP, General Counsel & Secretary – Hexcel Corporation
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Case study

Making a national dental practice’s values shine through their organization.

Pacific Dental Services (PDS) has a vision to be the greatest dental company in America and has been rapidly growing as a result. To meet their expanding organizational needs, PDS knew they needed an E&C program that was grounded in their values—not just their rules. LRN conducted an assessment to help PDS establish an ethical baseline and build a values-based approach to their program.
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