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LRN employs an instructional design model that prioritizes the learner experience while still ensuring your organization meets its regulatory requirements. You can focus on helping people do the right thing while ensuring your education curriculum is relevant, engaging, and effectively meeting your business needs.


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Make it your own

Tailoring learning experiences to your organization doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. You can easily personalize library content, edit text, update branding, change audio and visuals, and integrate your own resources into our courses while continuing to meet all legal and regulatory requirements by using our Catalyst Design Tool.

Prioritize the learner experience

LRN offers flexibility in how your learners engage. With test down and test out capabilities, LRN can help you to create more tailored learning paths and reduce time in seat, all while meeting your regulatory and company goals.  We help to keep your learners engaged, through real-world scenarios, nuanced self-assessments, and actionable takeaways using the latest industry examples, values-based perspectives, and diverse characters and viewpoints. No matter your industry or E&C needs, we have the right content for growing your program.

Gamify to engage

Our gamified courses and microlearnings provide memorable learning experiences by using elements such as badging and scoring meters—all designed to improve retention through increased engagement and personal achievement for each learner. Using a gamified approach transforms education into an exciting journey, fostering a positive and competitive spirit while continuing to equip learners with practical skills for real-world success.
69% of High Impact E&C Programs use a dedicated E&C library via a specialist third party provider.

Source: Ethics & Compliance Program Effectiveness Report, 2024

No matter your industry or E&C needs, we have the right content for your growing program.

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“The fact that LRN is constantly looking for ways to be visionary in advancing the E&C agenda from an awareness and learning standpoint is really exciting to us, because you never want a partner that just stands still.”


Page Motes
Director, Strategic Programs Office – Global Ethics & Compliance, Dell

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