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LRN employs an instructional design model that prioritizes the learner experience while still ensuring your organization meets its regulatory requirements. You can focus on helping people do the right thing while ensuring your education curriculum is relevant, engaging, and effectively meeting your business needs.


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Customizing learning experiences for your organization doesn’t have to be time-intensive or expensive. Now, you can easily customize library course content, branding, text and audiovisual elements. Seamlessly integrate your own resources into our courses, all while ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements through Catalyst Design.


From test-down and test-out capabilities to shorter-form content that reduce time in seat, LRN helps create more personalized learning paths all while meeting your regulatory and company goals. No matter what your industry or ethics and compliance needs, we have the right capabilities to help you grow and strengthen your program.


Our gamified courses enhance the learning experience by employing an interactive instructional design approach. This approach improves learners’ knowledge retention through increased engagement, motivation, and personal achievement, incorporating progress elements like badging and scoring. Elevate your learner journey by fostering a competitive spirit while continuing to equip learners with practical skills to make ethical decisions through our gamified training courses.


Catalyst Engage.AI enhances the learner experience by leveraging the latest AI technology to personalize learning paths, provide real-time feedback, and optimize engagement. The dynamic and authentic training experience immerses learners into realistic scenarios, leveraging AI to create human-like interaction. This fosters meaningful conversations, critical thinking, and practical application.

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Anti-bribery & corruption

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Anti-money laundering

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Conflicts of interest

No matter your industry or E&C needs, we have the right content for your growing program.

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Diversity, equity & inclusion
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Securities & insider trading
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Technology Excellence Award: Gold

  • Best Advance in Education Delivered Through Technology
  • Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for Compliance Training
  • Best Advance in Content Authoring Technology
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  • Best Advance in Learning Management Measurement/Business Impact Tools
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“The fact that LRN is constantly looking for ways to be visionary in advancing the E&C agenda from an awareness and learning standpoint is really exciting to us, because you never want a partner that just stands still.”


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