Measure and manage your company's culture.

E&C Culture Assessment enables you to manage and influence culture at your organization.

You can't manage what you don't measure.

An ethical culture is increasingly important to regulators and contributes to business results. LRN’s Ethics & Compliance Culture Assessment is a 360-degree evaluation that allows E&C leaders to measure their company’s ethical culture. 

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. With LRN’s culture assessment, you can understand your organization’s cultural landscape by assessing 10 key ethical dimensions. Leverage powerful analytics paired with strong actionable recommendations from LRN to positively influence and drive transformative change within what matters most—your company’s E&C culture. 

E&C culture is the cornerstone of your organization.

ethical culture and misconduct on an on-going basis across 10 key dimensions. 
how your culture varies across your organization and others with powerful insights.
culture with actionable, strategic recommendations from LRN's E&C advisors. 
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Build a strong ethical culture and outperform

The effectiveness and business impact of a strong ethical culture is underscored by our 2024 Benchmark of Ethical Culture Report.

Companies with the strongest ethical cultures outperform by approximately 50% across all measures of business performance, including market share, customer satisfaction, employee loyalty, innovation, adaptability, and growth.

Read the report to discover our research findings and insights on ethical cultures worldwide, their impact on businesses, E&C culture best practices, and strategies for elevating business performance and reducing risk.

Case Study

LRN’s Ethics & Compliance Culture Assessment is a proprietary solution that gets at the root of employees’ behavior at work and gauges how ethics and compliance efforts resonate across the organization.  

Learn how LRN’s unique ability to provide real-world insight on actual employee behaviors and their potential impacts in the workplace has helped Latin-American company Promigas transform its culture. 

"In the last seven years, we have completed three ethical culture assessments with LRN, and our results keep getting better and better. With LRN, we have made sure that our people have a strong understanding of ethics, how to behave in the company, and how to understand our corporate culture. We've seen this payoff, and with LRN, we are able to keep track of our improvement measures."  — Promigas

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Diagnose your culture with powerful analytics and insights.

Deploy market-tested survey questions assessing key ethical dimensions on LRN’s hosting platform and use powerful insights to diagnose the state of culture at your organization.

LRN's analytics dashboard facilitates access to previously unavailable data and insights. These analytics provide visibility into growth areas critical to smart and effective company decisions, pockets of excellence, and culture areas needing improvement. 

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