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Build a strong foundation for your ethical culture with a dynamic code of conduct.

Research from the 2023 LRN Code of Conduct Report confirms that codes have undergone an evolution over the last 20 years. Originally written as textbook-sized rulebooks, codes now seek to be visually engaging, readable, and useful guides to employees to help them do the right thing. With LRN’s new Smart Code product, our E&C Advisors will help you transform your code of conduct into an interactive and an easily searchable microsite that leverages the latest best practices in code design, user experience, and analytics.

Services to inspire, guide, and enable your employees to do the right thing—every time.

Building an ethical culture is not a quick task. It takes the right strategy, execution and oversight, and a deep understanding of best practices. LRN E&C advisors are committed to helping you activate your company’s core values and drive success, using their decades of expertise in developing effective, world-class ethics and compliance programs.

Program structure & resources


What makes an effective program?

Code of conduct

Gone are the days of writing codes as dense compliance manuals with pages of legalese and corporate jargon. We’ll help you design your code of conduct to be a clear, engaging, and informative guide that reflects your culture and inspires people to do the right thing.

Communication strategies

Compelling E&C communications are every bit as important to program excellence as the quality of E&C training. Together, we’ll develop a targeted communications strategy that delivers simple, focused messages through multiple channels using authentic voices—whether it’s about DEI, data privacy, or another key topic.

Curriculum design

Building a winning culture requires efficiency and effectiveness. We’ll analyze your current E&C training approach—from onboarding to skill development—as well as your desired business outcomes, then provide a roadmap for improving the impact of your learning and communications.

Policy simplification

Our 2024 research shows that simplifying policies to make them more accessible is crucial for increasing employee engagement and building strong programs. Click here to speak to one of our experts. 

Culture & leadership


Is your board involved in building culture?

Ethical culture and program assessments

Most E&C program assessments concentrate on checking program structure, processes, and controls against a chosen benchmark. The LRN Ethical Culture & Program Assessment helps you identify what drives employee behavior, decision-making, and performance. By measuring levels of trust, organizational justice, willingness to speak out, and other critical indicators, we’ll help you analyze the health of your ethical environment.

Board of directors

Boards are key players in driving excellence in culture, ethics, and compliance. But research demonstrates that effective oversight and appropriate training at the board level is too often lacking. Through facilitated board sessions, research, practical guidance, and interactive training, we can help your organization bridge the gap.

Risk assessment & monitoring


How can you measure E&C influence on culture?

Program effectiveness

The central lesson from our ongoing research is that a values-based approach to governance, culture, and leadership correlates strongly with greater business outcomes and reduced risk. We’ll help you identify and implement high-impact practices that drive program effectiveness and meet regulators’ expectations. Click here to speak to one of our experts. 

Strategic program evaluation

Ensure your E&C program works in practice—not just on paper. Rather than creating a perfunctory checklist, our Strategic Program Evaluation provides you with a holistic roadmap for assessing program maturity and effectiveness against regulatory guidance and best practices. Led by our advisors with chief ethics and compliance officer backgrounds, the evaluation process is tailored to your unique environment, operations, program maturity, marketspace, and budget.

You can measure culture—introducing the LRN benchmark of ethical culture.

Ethical culture doesn’t just protect business assets and reputation; it also propels the bottom line. Compiling insights from nearly 8,000 employees at companies around the world, the LRN Benchmark of Ethical Culture examines the underpinnings of corporate culture and the factors that matter most to fostering ethical conduct and outcomes.

Tap into decades of subject matter expertise to help shape your ethical culture.

Our E&C advisors can provide you with strategic advice and insights from a deep knowledge base, tested frameworks, and proprietary research on topics including program effectiveness, ethical corporate culture, code of conduct best practices, and more.
280+ ethics and compliance programs expertly guided for world-leading companies.
8700+ E&C professionals surveyed globally for research reports.
30 years of combined experience as private company and nonprofit board members, former chief ethics and compliance officers, federal regulators, senior in-house professionals, corporate governance experts, attorneys, seasoned consultants, behavioral scientists, instructional designers and writers, and project managers.
Case study

Helping Latin America’s energy leader become an industry vanguard in corporate governance and ethics.

How can ethical culture enhance performance, reputation, and differentiation? We worked with Promigas, one of Latin America’s energy leaders, to answer that question—and helped them outperform industry benchmarks by more than 40% along the way.

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