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A practical guide to improve efficiency, transparency, and insight into risk.

As regulators require more transparency, personalization, and accessibility, teams responsible for managing risk are handling more data and processes than ever before. A streamlined and efficient disclosure process is vital to managing organizational risk. Is your disclosure process working as well as it needs to be?

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Get the closure you need on risk management and mitigation processes.

Catalyst Disclosures is built to simplify your disclosure process. Our customizable solution provides an auditable disclosure repository, automated workflows, and actionable reports to meet the challenges of managing risk in your organization.


Greater visibility and tracking

Your disclosures, attestations, email communications, and reviewer notes live in one place, giving you on-demand insight into the state and status of all submissions. You can also search for specific keywords and filter by key criteria.

Increased accessibility

Create user-friendly disclosures for employees, stakeholders, contractors, or third parties that can be on-demand submissions or embedded in courses as part of an annual process. Our pre-built questionnaire templates are easy to use and include routing for topics like conflicts of interest and gifts and entertainment.

Advanced automation that saves time

Eliminate manual processes and reduce follow-up time with rules-based workflows that streamline assignments, approvals, escalations, and reminders—all of which you can easily configure to meet your organization’s needs.

Ensure data integrity

Create a reliable and auditable single source of truth that houses disclosures, plus all relevant communications surrounding individual submissions and final decisions. You can collect in course, as an event occurs, or through assignments—using Catalyst LMS or your own LMS.
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Customization and automation to help you outbehave and outperform.


of high-impact E&C programs are prioritizing digital disclosures this year


customizable disclosure templates

30 million

disclosures submitted by employees

Managing risk just got a whole lot easier.

Catalyst Disclosures integrates seamlessly with the LRN Catalyst platform and its related solutions, including LMS, Analytics, and Connect Mobile. You can combine and custom configure our products to meet your needs, save you time, and identify areas of program strength and growth.


One defensible source for multiple use cases.

Catalyst Disclosures helps you build a comprehensive, searchable, and auditable catalogue of attestations and disclosures. You can gather submissions from all employees—regardless of where they sit—across conflicts of interest, gifts and entertainment, or any other collection. And with communication records across all disclosure submissions, you can maintain data integrity.

Monitor, categorize, and review all submissions in one place

  • Annual attestation or consent
  • Anti-bribery
  • Anti-competition policy acknowledgement
  • Code of conduct certification
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Continuing professional development
  • COVID-19 acknowledgement
  • Financial interest disclosure
  • Gifts and entertainment
  • Harassment
  • Hotline acknowledgement
  • Policy acknowledgement
  • Supplier/contractor disclosures
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