Ethics and compliance in the palms of employees’ hands.

Catalyst Connect Mobile makes E&C available anywhere, at any time.

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Make your entire E&C program accessible at the touch of a button.

Catalyst Connect Mobile offers a single, user-friendly app interface to host your ethics and compliance program. With the mobile app, you help learners complete training, quickly access policies and codes of conduct, get answers to key questions, and confidently make the right decisions.

Catalyst Connect Mobile makes E&C easy.

Created specifically for ethics and compliance, our mobile app includes a range of features to make your program more accessible and engaging.


Single, user-friendly interface

The Catalyst Connect Mobile interface seamlessly integrates the applications and tools your employees need to do the right thing each day. Featuring AI search capabilities, the answers to your employee’s questions are just a click away.

Completely configurable

From branding to features, you can select what you need to make the app fit your program objectives and company culture. Admins can publish and share content instantly—including updates to your code, policies, communications, and training. Business rules can also be applied to enable automatic delivery of content based on risks or location.

Seamless deployment and integration

You can easily deploy Catalyst Connect Mobile via your organization’s existing MDM system (recommended) or a secure app from the Apple or Android stores. Once downloaded, employees can authenticate themselves using LRN’s or your own organization’s protocols for instant program access.

Features for long-term engagement

Help employees apply their knowledge in real time with easy access to microlearning and AR learning experiences. Catalyst Connect Mobile includes a gamified rewards system that assigns points to employees based on content interaction and levels of engagement.
Case study

From field to phone

Learn how Corteva and LRN used Catalyst Connect Mobile to develop a branded app that was accessible to the agriculture company’s entire global team—from those working at company headquarters to those working, literally, out in the field.

Catalyst Connect Mobile helps people think and act ethically no matter where they are.


countries reached


annual usage sessions on average


compatible with Apple and Android mobile and tablet devices


Broaden your E&C program impact with LRN Catalyst.

Catalyst Connect Mobile integrates seamlessly with the LRN Catalyst platform and its other products, including LMS, Analytics, and Disclosures. You can combine and custom configure our products to meet your needs, save you time, and identify areas of program strength and opportunity.

Feel confident knowing your mobile app data is secure and private.

We make sure that any data collected and stored from Catalyst Connect Mobile is fully protected with the latest privacy standards.



You decide what data gets stored from the mobile app, ensuring it only captures the information you need to support your program.


All data is encrypted, which means your information is stored in indecipherable text that can be read only by those with the right key (e.g., you and LRN).


LRN protects your data with multiple layers of security, including leading encryption technology like HTTPS.
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