Personalize and customize courses with ease.

Catalyst Design goes beyond branding, allowing you to tailor courses to your unique needs with the most robust customization tools in the market.

Take control of course content and make it uniquely yours.  

With Catalyst Design, you can completely self-customize training courses from LRN’s Inspire Library to reflect your brand personalityand make it uniquely suited to your learnerswithout using a third party. Our course editor offers time-saving tools that help you go beyond branding edits and incorporate adaptive learning and interactive elements to elevate learning experiences and drive completion. 

Easily create learning that feels completely custom.

Design content tailored exactly to your unique employee populations’ needs and organization’s goals—no help tickets or designers needed.

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Create courses that look, feel, and sound like your organization with self-service customization

  • Adjust fonts with in-line editing, change colors, and add images and video

  • Add logos and URL bar icons

  • Edit end-of-lesson quizzes

  • Edit with confidence using pre-built templates that meet key accessibility standards

  • Add, customize, and edit gamified elements like badges, score meters, and power bars

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Tailor training with adaptive learning capabilities that increase relevancy and reduce time in seat

  • Map topics to a role profiler based on your workforce’s unique needs

  • Employ test down and test out to reduce redundancies and save learners time

  • Edit characters and scenarios within AI-powered course content

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Edit course content from our Inspire Library to create learning relevant to your employees

  • Create, hide, delete, and/or move lessons, topics, and pages

  • Add custom resources, links, and documents

  • Embed disclosures and consent forms into learning content

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Reduce administrative headaches with time-saving, convenient tools

  • Clearly preview changes before you publish

  • Carry over customizations from early course versions

  • Use current course versions without losing old work

  • Maintain existing edits while easily updating courses for legal and content updates

See Catalyst Design in action now.

Customize compliance training courses to your exact needs with tools that save you time.

Find out more about how to save time and money on ethics and compliance training.

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Accelerate program performance with LRN Catalyst: Ethics & Compliance Management Platform.

Catalyst Design integrates seamlessly with the LRN Catalyst Ethics & Compliance Management Platform and its other products. You can combine and custom-configure our products to meet your needs, save you time, and identify areas of program strength and opportunity.

Convenient tools to create unique, engaging, and relevant training for employees.

Create unique and engaging learning from our Inspire Library that looks like it was completely customized for your organization, with easy tools that offer the highest levels of self-service customization in the market.


Get the best of both worlds—award-winning Inspire Library content that you can customize any way you want.

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Award-winning training content

  • 10 Telly Awards in 2022 for training covering DEI and workplace culture

  • 6 Brandon Hall Group Awards for excellence in DEI training, use of gamification, and L&D training

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Fully customizable courses

  • Mobile-ready and device-agnostic

  • Accessibility features that support those who need visual support or have physical, neurological, or learning disabilities

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