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LRN and Tapestry Networks release boardroom report

Activating Culture and Ethics from the Boardroom shares insights from 40 directors occupying 80 seats on public company boards about shaping ethical corporate culture.



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New DEI offering goes beyond traditional training

Covering a wide range of topics in a variety of engaging formats, or new DEI learning experiences give people the tools to understand systematic DEI issues, share experiences, and reflect on how they can drive charge.


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LRN publishes 2021 PEI Report

Findings in the report demonstrate that a values-based approach to governance builds and sustains an ethical culture and strongly correlates with more effective ethics and compliance programs



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An E&C program designed to your culture and values.

Ethics and compliance plays a critical role in company risk, culture, and strategy. At LRN, we elevate your E&C program through contemporary compliance education and insight into risk and impact. No matter your program needs, our solutions will save you time, align with regulation, provide critical insight, and deliver an E&C experience that makes sense for your business. 
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SaaS solutions to scale your program’s effectiveness.

Our innovative solutions deliver streamlined E&C program insight and management. From driving completions to instilling ethics into the culture of your organization, our solutions provide everything you need to advance your program.  
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Learning that connects and encourages empathy.

Effective E&C programs require education that resonates with your learners. LRN provides courses in a wide variety of learning formats and risk areas, ensuring your curriculum reflects your brand and engages your learners. 
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Advisory to bring your E&C goals to life.

Our Advisory Services team uses decades of experience to improve your ethics and compliance program. We understand that highly effective E&C programs are a critical part of organizational culture and performance.
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LRN collaborates with its Partners from a holistic perspective, believing that they should not just protect themselves with legal compliance education, but propel themselves with programs that shield against misconduct and drive long-term, sustainable performance. LRN’s work with Dell Technologies shows how it put that belief into action.


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LRN’s HOW — Kellogg’s turned to LRN when they determined that they wanted to do more to assure their ethics and compliance training did not become a “check-the-box” exercise focused on merely meeting legal requirements without actual learning and corresponding behaviors. Learn more in our case study.


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LRN collaborates with its partners from a holistic perspective, believing that they should not just protect themselves with ethics and compliance education, but propel themselves with programs that inspire values-based behavior and cultures, provide a shield against misconduct, and drive sustainable performance to fuel long-term growth. Learn how we were able to help PDS implement a values-based approach to ethics and compliance that was in line with their set of beliefs.


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