Compliance owners use Catalyst to deploy, manage, and scale their program.

Introducing Catalyst—an ethics and compliance management platform built for your E&C program needs.

LRN Catalyst is an ethics and compliance management platform built specifically for E&C owners to simplify management, drive awareness, and centralize program access. Supporting a suite of modular features, Catalyst combines easy implementation, compliance-focused functionality, and actionable insights to ensure that you align with regulation and hit critical KPIs.

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Catalyst includes five enhanced features to elevate your compliance program

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Design learning for your unique needs. With Catalyst Design, you can completely self-customize compliance training courses in LRN’s Inspire Library to reflect your brand personality—and make it uniquely suited to your learners—without using a third party.

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Reach and engage learners no matter who or where they are. Catalyst Reach is a powerful solution designed by E&C experts to prioritize both ease of deployment and high-quality learner experience—all while meeting evolving regulatory guidance.

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Disclose and increase transparency. Catalyst Disclosures is a single—and defensible—certification and disclosure management application with built-in tracking and communication, so you can automate processes and workflows to reduce risk.

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Reveal insights into risk, opportunities, and program effectiveness. Catalyst Reveal delivers the real-time learning, culture, and sentiment metrics you need to understand and improve your compliance program.

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Put your E&C program into the palms of employees’ hands. Catalyst Mobile offers a single, user-friendly app interface for learners to complete training, quickly access policies and codes of conduct, get answers to key questions, and confidently make the right decisions.

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Your business is far from typical. Your E&C partner should be, too.

Here are five reasons to choose LRN to help you achieve your ethics and compliance objectives.

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Impactful education experiences

Whether you are building a new E&C program, enhancing your existing curriculum, or are looking to elevate your culture, our educational content will engage and inspire your learners across varied instructional methodologies.
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Custom content tailored for you

Train your team on any topic or risk areas related to your industry and business. From sales enablement to onboarding to customer service, our expert instructional and creative designers immerse themselves in your business to deliver effective learning.
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Industry-specific E&C solutions

With expertise in Manufacturing, Financial Services, Technology, and more, we’ll help you meet industry requirements while prioritizing your company values, culture, and learners—no matter your size or program maturity.
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Reliable service and support

You will receive ongoing support from a dedicated client success manager, covering everything from curriculum planning to program management. If you do encounter an issue, our global technical support team is available 24/7.
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Leading perspectives and insights

When you work with LRN, you gain the expertise of our entire organization. Our team is made up of former chief ethics and compliance officers, seasoned attorneys, and regulatory experts with years of experience in the field. Together, we have helped shape the E&C space for over 30 years.

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