Demonstrate the impact of ethics and compliance.

With Catalyst Analytics, you can measure and manage E&C objectives.

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Harness the power of data to drive program effectiveness.

To build an effective E&C program that complies with regulation, you need data-driven insights into both your program foundation and its organizational impact. Catalyst Analytics provides three levels of customizable reporting to help identify hotspots, reduce risks, and measure overall effectiveness to improve your program performance.

Catalyst Analytics helps identify and mitigate risk.

The depth and breadth of our analytics and functionality are designed to protect your organization from E&C risk.


Measure user activity

Visualize and analyze progress and performance with insight into completions, time spent on lessons, test-out, branching, and content interactions.

Engage leadership with Managers Report

Empower executives, leaders, and supervisors to help assess program performance in real time. By distributing monitoring responsibility, you gain E&C support through the top and middle of your organization and can increase completion rates.

Fill gaps with knowledge checks

Identify challenging questions and provide learners with clarification in-course to fill the gap. Admins get visibility into hotspots that need improvement and can take swift action to remediate and enhance learning outcomes.

Demonstrate effectiveness

Customizable reporting provides insight into activity on your LMS, mobile app, and across learner devices. You can drill down to understand outcomes and interactions across training, disclosures, and company culture.

Get a holistic view of your E&C program performance from one dashboard.

Catalyst Analytics provides a critical view of program performance summarized within your specified time ranges across key data points. With our solution, you can better understand employee interactions, analyze outcomes, and plan for the future.

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Robust reporting helps you outbehave and outperform.

Data analytics is key to understanding the impact and opportunity behind your program,
as proven in our 2022 Ethics & Compliance Program Effectiveness Report.


of high-performing E&C programs use data metrics from their training system to measure effectiveness and impact.


of high-performing E&C programs plan to increase use of data metrics to identify trends and growth areas.


of high-performing E&C programs believe data on the strengths and weaknesses of their ethical culture would help gauge program impact.

Accelerate E&C program performance with LRN Catalyst.

Catalyst Analytics integrates seamlessly with the LRN Catalyst platform and its other products, including LMS, Connect Mobile, and Disclosures. You can combine and custom configure our products to meet your needs, save you time, and identify areas of program strength and opportunity.


Uncover actionable insights into your E&C program foundation and impact.

With Catalyst Analytics, you can custom filter everything based on your data fields for a more detailed view across your organization and risk.

Product_analytics_page_icons_foundationProgram foundation

  • Completions 
  • Time spent in-course
  • Activity type 
  • User demographics

Product_analytics_page_icons_impactProgram impact

  • Knowledge gaps and challenges
  • Commonly missed questions
  • Regional and language results
  • Course outcomes
  • Pathways and test out

Risk mitigation

  • Regional variance 
  • Business unit variance 
  • Certification responses 
  • Variant certification reports 
  • Certification risk level
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