Better compliance outcomes with metrics that matter.

With Catalyst Reveal’s compliance analytics and benchmarking, you can turn information into insights.

Harness the power of data to drive programme effectiveness.

To create an impactful programme, you need data insights designed specifically for compliance. Catalyst Reveal is a compliance benchmarking and analytics tool that leverages learner activity, artificial intelligence, and industry benchmarks to provide real-time visibility into performance.

Compliance data analytics that measure more than learning outcomes.

Catalyst Reveal delivers the real-time learning, culture, and market metrics you need to understand and improve your compliance programme.

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Quickly understand and maximize programme impact

Compelling visualisations and flexible dashboards allow you to understand programme success and gain insights into learner performance, sentiment, and culture. Track every step of a learning campaign from launch to post-learning sentiment with in-depth and digestible insights into completion rate, time on task, knowledge results, and geography.
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Tell an audit-ready story with your data

Deliver a data-backed view of programme performance, powerful insights, contextual benchmarks, and customized reports that showcase programme standing and progress. Clear dashboard visualisations provide at-a-glance insights into programme performance as well as data comparisons over time.
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Benchmark your success

Put your performance in context by benchmarking with compliance programmes from companies around the world. Improve learner outcomes through insight into culture sentiment, course resonance, curriculums, and course outcomes.
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Improve your culture

Track employee feedback in real-time and make leadership-level decisions that align with expectations. Use sentiment analysis, powered by artificial intelligence, to uncover hidden insights and understand cultural trends across your employees.

Get a holistic view of your E&C programme performance from easily digestible dashboards.

Catalyst Reveal provides a critical view of programme performance summarised within your specified time ranges across key data points. With our compliance analytics tool, you can better understand employee interactions, analyse outcomes, and benchmark against your industry peers.

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Robust compliance analytics to help you reduce risk and drive better outcomes.

The importance of data and analytics in guiding programme focus and development is underscored by our 2024 Ethics & Compliance Program Effectiveness Report.    


of of high-impact E&C programmes are using data metrics from their training system to measure effectiveness and training impact.

Read the report to learn the importance of measuring and analysing training impact in building high-impact E&C programmes.

Accelerate programme performance with LRN Catalyst: Ethics & Compliance Management Platform.

Catalyst Reveal integrates seamlessly with the LRN Catalyst Ethics & Compliance Management Platform and its other products. You can combine and custom-configure our products to meet your needs, save you time, and identify areas of programme strength and opportunity.

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Turn data into decisions.

Clear KPI dashboards make insights actionable, so you can understand your programme, reduce organisational risk, and build a business case for E&C innovation.

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Programme impact

  • Knowledge gaps and challenges

  • Commonly missed questions

  • Regional and language results

  • Completions and time spent

  • Time spent in course

  • Pathways and test out

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Risk mitigation 

  • Regional variance

  • Business unit variance

  • Variant certification reports

  • Certification response risk level

  • Average knowledge check attempts

  • Detailed information on course, Culture Pulse, and end-of-course survey data

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Market benchmarks 

  • Access benchmarks from companies around the world using...

  • Culture benchmarks:
    Insight into employee feedback on the state of values, standards, and mission

  • Course benchmarks:
    Understand learner results and compare Inspire Library courses to courses from other programs 

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Learner sentiment analysis 

  • Culture sentiment analysis

  • Real-time course sentiment analysis

  • Data-backed cultural trends across your employees
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