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Catalyst LMS prioritizes your learners and training objectives.

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Everything you need to inspire ethical decision-making—in one place. 

Catalyst LMS provides a comprehensive learning management system for developing an effective ethics and compliance training program. Designed by E&C experts, our LMS lets you create, manage, deliver, and analyze your training program to make an impact. Complete with a fully customizable course editing tool, corporate and campaign communications, robust reporting, and automation, you can design a training program that prioritizes your culture while meeting evolving regulatory guidance.

Catalyst LMS is designed with your learners in mind.

Created specifically for ethics and compliance, our LMS offers a suite of capabilities that you can fully tailor to your unique program objectives.


Customizable course content

Choose from a variety of courses that you can easily edit and curate to create an engaging E&C experience that resonates with learners and meets your specific objectives.


Effective learner communications

Engage your learners wherever they are using sleek, multi-channel communications that you can quickly design, brand, and deploy.


Robust reporting and analytics

Enhance your program using customizable reporting and analytics—at the question, regional, and user level—that can identify hotspots, reduce risks, and measure overall effectiveness.


Reliable automation and support

Rest easy knowing the Catalyst LMS runs itself—including reporting, enrolling learners, assigning courses, and sending communications. If you do encounter an issue, our global technical support team is available 24/7.

Adapt to regulatory guidance with an LMS specifically for E&C.

Unlike a corporate-wide LMS, the Catalyst LMS is designed by E&C experts to drive ethical culture while meeting evolving regulatory guidance. Our LMS provides a clear distinction between your ethics and compliance training and other corporate training, an important element for regulatory bodies. And because of our E&C expertise, we regularly enhance Catalyst LMS to align with ever-changing federal guidelines.

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Content, communications, and reporting that help you outbehave and outperform.


E&C programs powered by Catalyst LMS


of LRN client partners actively measuring knowledge retention


annual course completions

Managing your E&C training just got a whole lot easier.

Catalyst LMS integrates seamlessly with other LRN Catalyst products, including Analytics and Disclosures. You can also bulkload HRIS data and leverage single-sign-on for a smoother program management experience.

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Catalyst LMS is easy to use and ensures you reach every learner.

Deploy accessible ethics and compliance materials that help build a more ethical culture at your organization.


Simple and powerful

  • Intuitive user interface

  • Pre-built email templates for sleek, professional communications

  • Manager’s Report tool enlists the help of supervisors to drive completion

  • Courses auto-save and can be restarted on web or mobile devices


Available to everyone

  • Offline course deployment

  • Mobile-ready

  • Section 508/WCAG accessible

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