The 2024 Benchmark of Ethical Culture Report

Ethical culture is both an organisational risk and a company’s most effective control. LRN’s research found that companies with the strongest ethical cultures outperform across a variety of traditional business metrics and experience less risk. This report provides the benchmarks and impact of ethical culture on risk, misconduct, and business results as well as key insights on what matters now and next—from hybrid work to the impact of AI.

BEC report 2 covers

Top ethics and compliance training courses

Anti-harassment & discrimination

Diversity, equity & inclusion

Conflict of interest


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Catalyst Reveal leverages learner outcomes and insights, AI, and industry benchmarks to provide real-time analytics and visibility into performance. Reduce organizational risk and build a business case for E&C innovation.
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LRN is helping these leading brands create ethically-aware and inspired workforces.

When AIB realized its “customer first” culture was starting to erode, they tapped LRN to develop custom training that would energize employees and re-instill their confidence in putting people at the center of their work.  
Learn how Corteva and LRN put culture, ethics, and compliance in the palms of employees’ hands with a mobile app that was accessible to the entire global team—from those working at company headquarters to those working, literally, out in the field. 
How can ethical culture enhance performance, reputation, and differentiation? LRN worked with Promigas, one of Latin America’s energy leaders, to answer that question—and helped them outperform industry benchmarks by more than 40% along the way.

Saas solutions to scale your programme’s effectiveness.

Our inventive solutions deliver streamlined E&C programme insight and management. From driving completions to measuring efficacy to instilling ethics into company culture, you’ll have everything you need to advance your programme and ensure your learners can access essential information anytime, anywhere.

Learning that connects and encourages empathy.

Effective E&C programmes require education that resonates with your learners. Through inventive combinations of technology and content, we’ll design experiences that help your people think and act ethically no matter where they are. Our courses cover a wide variety of learning formats and topic areas, ensuring your curriculum reflects your brand, engages your learners, and gives your organisation the means to behave ethically and outperform. 
Learning that connects and encourages empathy.
Advisory to bring your E&C goals to life.

Advisory to bring your E&C goals to life.

Ensuring your ethics and compliance programme empowers people to act on the values that matter is critical to organisational culture and performance. Leveraging their decades of experience as former chief ethics and compliance officers, behavioural analysts, and learning experts, our Advisory Services team can help you enhance your programme through policy simplification, programme design and evaluation, board services, and more. 
Smart Code transforms your code of conduct into an interactive and easily searchable microsite, helping you glean insights into your culture and E&C programme effectiveness. 
LRN’s new comprehensive DEI programme includes courses, content, and curriculum opportunities to help increase empathy at work and create cultures of inclusion.
The 2024 Ethics & Compliance Programme Effectiveness Report provides key insights into how the business community continues to adapt their E&C programmes in the face of ongoing disruption. 

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