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How Stories Build Empathy, Guide Better Decisions, And Foster Stronger Cultures of DEI


"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story about you.”

- Maya Angelou

Employees are more often likely to share the inner workings of companies and the behaviors of their leaders with the world via social media. Companies are also breaking down established processes, functional siloes, and leadership habits to open up and more proactively share stories on what life is really like for historically marginalized people. There is a growing realization that while DEI programs may check a box, they don’t always result in behavior change, cultural transformation, or system rethinking.

In this webinar, learn about the innovative ways ethics and compliance professionals are approaching DEI and how DEI can be authentic, values-based, and operationalized in the work of fostering ethical and inclusive cultures.

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Featured Panelists

Headshot - Katy Brennan2

Katy Brennan
Global Thought Leadership & Strategy Leader, LRN

Katy leads thought leadership for LRN, having spent more than 15 years at the intersection of business’ responsibility to society. Katy is responsible for the development of a thought leadership agenda and roadmap and manages alliances with key stakeholders for LRN.  She also co-leads LRN’s Living HOW Council, a cross-functional group of diverse voices across the company who ensure LRN’s philosophy, values and Leadership Framework help inform and guide all aspects of our business. 

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Headshot - Jennifer Brunelle2

Jennifer Brunelle
Head of Charitable Giving, NRG Energy, Inc.

Jennifer is the Senior Director of the positiveNRG program for NRG and is responsible for creating community partnerships and overseeing the organization’s employee giving program and disaster relief efforts. Jennifer has more than 14 years of charitable giving experience in both non-profit association management and corporate giving roles. At her time at NRG she has overseen over $50mm in charitable donations and project managed 35 distributed solar installations.

Prior to this role, Jennifer served as a finance manager at Westwood One, where she oversaw the negotiation and management of over $15mm in barter agreements, corporate travel and event planning.

Jennifer has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies from Rutgers University, and certificates in Corporate Citizenship Leadership and Management from Boston College. She serves on the Emergency Assistance Foundation Board which helps corporations make emergency hardship grants for their employees when they face unexpected and unavoidable financial hardships or disasters.

Headshot - Rachel Collins2

Rachel Collins
Head of Inclusion & Diversity, Colt Technology Services

Rachel is Head of Inclusion & Diversity at Colt Technology Services where she provides strategic direction and management over all aspects of the Inclusiong and Diversity function and encompasses; facilitating business change projects, monitoring and evaluating existing systems and processes, and supporting senior leaders to achieve core business objectives.

She greatly enjoys all aspect of this diverse position and have thrived on finding solutions to complext issues. She has a proven record for managing intricate projects with diverse clients and senior stakeholders and have successfully developed and led colleagues and highly successful HR teams.

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Nadine Jones Headshot 2

Nadine Jones
Co-Founder and Executive Director, The Initiative

Nadine Jones is a graduate of Howard University School of Law and a seasoned Vice President of a multibillion global logistics company. She is a collaborative leader, solutions-oriented, and has expertise in developing and maintaining a corporate ethics & compliance program for a multi-billion logistics company. As a graduate of Howard University School of Law, Nadine also has a strong sense of social justice and equity. In June 2020, she co-founded along with two other Howard Law alumni an organization called The Initiative: Advancing the Blue & Black Partnership (“The Initiative”). The Initiative was established to end systemic police violence and implement a collaborative approach to building healthy, scalable, community policing models. 

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