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Improve Effectiveness of
Ethics and Compliance Program

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Building a highly effective ethics and compliance program goes beyond following regulations. It’s about empowering your employees to confidently make the right decisions. Leading E&C programs require meaningful communication and personalized education, putting ethical and profitable behavior at the center of corporate operations.


From establishing tone at the top to winning the hearts and minds of all employees, ethics and compliance programs that stand above the rest are built in partnership with LRN.

World Class Ethics & Compliance Solutions that Help You

Understand and Protect Your Company from Risk
Our centralized and comprehensive solutions provide the education, audit tools, and analytics you need to inform your employees and protect your business.
Align with Regulatory Guidance and Requirements
Regulation is changing faster than ever before. We are constantly adapting our platform, education, and service teams to align with changing federal regulations, the E&C space, and your biggest challenges and KPIs.
Inspire and Promote an Ethical Culture
We know that business begins with a purpose. Our learning content is designed to inspire employees as well as boards of directors, allowing you to influence your organizational values while also establishing tone from the top.
Increase Program Effectiveness
Impactful programs go beyond simply training. We provide a visual, contemporary, and intuitive experience. With engaging content, in-course reflection points, and outside-course reinforcement tools, we empower you to improve and understand efficacy.
Deliver an Innovative and Cutting-Edge Learning Experience
The days of boring compliance training are over. Our vast Learning Library consists of educational experiences in various formats, lengths, and instructional design styles, enabling you to impact your employees and organizational values like never before.

LRN is Helping these Leading Brands Create Ethically-Aware and Inspired Workforces

Accelerate Your Influence and Effectiveness

Elevate your E&C program without compromising on world-class functionality. LRN is the only integrated solution built for E&C and is a leader in providing engaging learning, custom education, innovative products, and industry perspective.

Built for You

Designed specifically for E&C, our platform is built to perform for your unique needs. We enable you to manage, deliver, and analyze your program, making it easy to track results and mitigate gaps to reduce risks. Get access to inclusive training, online resources, and a global technical support team to make building a best-in-class program seamless.

Reach Every Learner, Anywhere

In order to build an effective program, you need to reach every employee. Workforces are more diverse in their needs and location than ever before. All of our educational experiences are available in 68 languages, mobile-ready, available offline, and Section 508 and WCAG accessible, enabling you to reach everyone regardless of where or how they work.

Case study

Helping a European bank return to “customer first” 

For AIB, we developed custom training—including gamification and classroom sessions—that taught employees the importance of putting the customer first and how to do that effectively. 
Download the case study

Powerful Reporting & Analytics

Better data means reduced risk. We provide the information you need to understand your current program status and see it from a critical macro view, helping you build a program that is impactful, risk-aware, and compliant with regulation.

Upgraded Audit Process

We make the audit process manageable with escalation workflows that automate and address disclosures that may put your organization at risk. You can request clarifications, assign reviewers, provide guidance, and create comprehensive records.

Industry Influence & Perspective

When you work with LRN, you gain a true partner. We have been on the frontlines of shaping the E&C industry for over 25 years. We work alongside you to advance your program and bring additional perspective to complement your expertise.

Personalized Learning at Scale

We know that one size does not fit all. Our courses are configurable, modular, self-paced, and respectful of time-on-task. We have extensive editing capabilities, as well as options for test-out and pathways that enable you to deliver custom feeling experiences and relate to your learners instantly.

An E&C Solution Designed for the Enterprise

LRN is at the forefront of the industry, providing you insights from some the world’s leading organizations committed to responsible behavior, leadership, and business. These include the U.N., World Economic Forum, Ethisphere, Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics, How Institute for Society, and more.