As a mission with a business, we are guided by who we are and who we want to be as much as what we want to achieve.

LRN’s culture is a fundamental part of every solution, service, and product we build. As a Mission with a Business, we are guided by who we are and who we want to be as much as what we want to achieve.

LRN Leadership Framework


We believe enduring success is achieved through inspired, ethical leadership—regardless of tenure, job function, or position in an organizational chart. Over time, ethical leadership shapes a culture that governs itself according to shared corporate values.

The LRN Leadership Framework defines, galvanizes, and unifies our culture, inspiring and informing our conduct whether we’re collaborating with colleagues or our Partners. The LRN Leadership Framework is an interconnected, mutually reinforcing set of principles that reflects the multi-faceted quality of ethical leadership. It is a living constitution that brings our core values to life, guiding our everyday business decisions and actions, and allowing us to consider our conduct in a broader, more-reflective context that which supports evolution and journey as an organization.


LRN’s core values are truth, humility, passion, and integrity. These are the essential elements that comprise our corporate DNA. They are the touchstones of who we wish to be, and the first points of reference when making business decisions or behavioral choices. In various combinations and applications, they are the basis for our Leadership Framework and the type of leader it describes.


We believe that achieving sustained excellence is predicated on humility, which enables us to collaborate, self-evaluate and reinvent. We believe that humility leads to strength, not weakness. No matter what standards we achieve or how much pride we take in what we do, arrogance is not for us.


We believe that success arises out of the passionate pursuit of a meaningful and significant goal. We are intensely committed to our mission here, and we pursue that mission with unwavering energy and conviction.


We believe that acting with integrity, in accordance with ethical principles and shared corporate values, is the ultimate driver of productivity and performance. For us, integrity is the steady application of our Code of Conduct. It is the ongoing, consistent demonstration of our values throughout our work.


We believe truth is the foundation for trust, and trust propels productivity and progress. Nothing is worth pursuing if its pursuit is not truthful and authentic.