One of the most critical components of every E&C program is education. Most corporate training courses are information reels that are boring and out of date leading to disengagement and increased risk.


With our robust and contemporary Learning Library, your E&C curriculum is relevant, engaging, and current. On top of that, our courses are reflective of your risk areas and focused on inspiring principled behavior.

What's so Great About Our Learning Library?

Tailored to You
Looking and feeling like your organization is easier than ever. Extensive built-in editing capabilities provide flexibility and customization options at every turn.
Global Resonance
Speaking to all your employees is critical. With translation capabilities for 68 languages and 23 risk areas, our content ensures your training will have a local feel and address relevant business risks.
Mobile Ready
Making your curriculum easily available is simple. Our courses are tablet and phone ready and our mobile app is a central location for your entire E&C program.
Award Winning
Cutting edge content makes a difference. Our contemporary content is highly visual and regularly awarded for its innovation, social impact, animation, and directing.
Current and Intentional
Adapting to current perspectives keeps employees engaged. We’re on the frontlines of development, working with SMEs to ensure topics are regularly updated and authentically developed.
Impact Driven
Understanding employee interactions is easier than ever. Our personalized paths and retention measuring tools can improve program effectiveness.

Content that Aligns with Your Needs

Our Learning Library offers hundreds of courses in 23 risk areas totaling over 4,000 educational experiences across 68 languages. Each course speaks to adult learners with ripped-from-the-headlines examples, values-based perspectives, diverse characters and viewpoints, and authoritative information. No matter your industry or E&C program needs, we have the right content for growing your program.

Make it Your Own

Learning experiences that reflect your organization don’t have to be expensive or involve time-consuming iterations. Personalize our Library course content, update branding, change audio and visuals, and integrate your own content into our lessons while ensuring all legally required language remains. It’s as easy as making your changes (text, images, links, you name it!), clicking save, and they are instantly incorporated.

Innovative and Award Winning

Gone are the days of boring corporate training. Our courses are routinely recognized internationally with awards celebrating the very best in corporate training. In 2020 we were awarded 7 Telly Awards, in addition to 5 Brandon Hall awards in 2019.

Learners Love It

If your learners don’t love your education, it’s not going to resonate. We obsessively survey our learners to ensure we’re delivering content that is as loved as it is impactful. In the first half of 2020, here’s what our surveyed learners said.