It’s meeting your employees where they sit. That means delivering leading-edge, interactive learning experiences that are relevant, unique, entertaining, and based on values, not rules. To fill this need, LRN offers a broad Learning Library of off-the-shelf courses, which can be personalized to look and sound just like your organization. Additionally, we build customized courses to your exact specifications from the ground up.


Compliance rules and policies are intended for application by real employees in their day-to-day work.

We design learning experiences that focus on what your learners need to DO, how to do it, and prompt practice to get it right.

Informed by our vast network of global ethics and compliance experts, our team applies research-based best practices in instructional design to deliver solutions that engage learners, activate values, and get results.

At LRN, we know that ethical behavior and values-based decision-making position your company a step ahead of the competition. If you’re ready to inspire your workforce and encourage meaningful change in your organization, contact us today.

To navigate complex gray areas, train your employees to do the right thing and make better decisions.

Here’s LRN content leader, Jen Farthing, on encouraging ethical behavior at work: