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Inspiring principled performance.

Inspiring people to do the right thing is the essence of principled performance. It is about inspired rather than required behavior—living principles beyond following rules. Ultimately, principled performance leads to healthier, more profitable organizations. LRN was founded on this notion and has grown into a successful business that has helped to shape the way millions of employees behave and interact across the globe.

LRN’s overall approach recognizes the inherent limitations of rules and regulations in influencing behaviors, especially when rules and regulations increase apace. In our view, focusing on actions that help build and maintain a values-based culture, how people approach their work and interact with others, will mean less risk and lower costs while elevating innovation, reliability, financial performance, and brand trust.

Since 1994, LRN has worked to propel organizations forward with the partnership, knowledge, and tools to build ethical culture.

LRN was founded on the belief that society is better off when legal & ethical knowledge is accessible to all. We are proud to have been helping corporations act responsibly long before CSR and ESG became fashionable business acronyms. We’re glad to see these important concepts catching on.

It’s clear that balancing profit and purpose has a positive, transformational impact on business.

We help organizations leverage core values to drive consistent, ethical behavior and professional practice in a world where change is constant. Ethics and compliance leaders, boards of directors, HR professionals, and staff at some of the world’s largest firms partner with us to create experiences that prioritize values, culture, and the learner experience. Our offerings include advisory services; a SaaS education, analytics, and certification platform; library courses, and custom learning content. Strategic guidance and solutions from LRN provide organizations with the means to outbehave and outperform.

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