Today’s ethics and compliance programs need to be innovative, relevant, engaging, mindful of time, andmost importantlyimpactful. Our content approach is focused on the learning journey, helping you meet regulatory requirements and ensuring you reach every learner. We prepare your learners to make ethical decisions in situations they encounter on the job, and we ensure you have the content you need to fulfill your organizations compliance needs. 

What’s so great about how we do it?


Your learners go on an educational journey. We use an instructional philosophy in our courses that matches the right content to the right learner at the right time, delivering maximum efficiency and impact.


We know that one size does not fit all. Our courses are configurable, modular, self-paced, and respectful of time-on-task. Extensive editing capabilities, languages, and customization give you the ability to relate to your learners instantly.


You won’t find information reels here. Our learning is structured to dig deep, focusing on key E&C topics, as well as ethical and moral issues that are important and top of mind today. Learners are inspired to do the right thing. Our content resonates with learners inspiring them to carry on what they’ve learned into their daily life and interactions.


Our focus is on your outcomes. We provide a visual, contemporary, and intuitive experience. With interesting content, in-course reflection points, and outside-course reinforcement tools, you are well-positioned to improve and understand efficacy.


Our content goes beyond just videos. Courses, vignettes, quizzes, and other educational assets form a learning experience designed for maximum retention, inspiration, and impact.


By delivering training in smaller moments with varied learning formats, you drive learner retention and engagement while remaining conscious of time.

Our microlearning strategy combines short, digestible content modules with standalone learning assets to create an engaging and unique strategy. Hundreds of options include short modules, vignettes, videos, infographics, quizzes, and more. Our exclusive blueprint creates continuous learning programs that don’t end after courses are complete.

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Flexibility that Drives Engagement

True engagement happens when courses require meaningful interactions and when they adapt to your organizational needs and specific learners.

  • Ensure learning experiences reflect your business priorities. Our configurable course content allows you to hide what you don’t need and reveal what you do.
  • Differentiate the learning experience by role, seniority, and length of employment.
  • Use in-course response tools to influence stickiness and impact and promote behavior changes that lead to making the right choice.


  • Courses put learners in realistic situations that are rife with ethical grey areas.
  • Decision-based scenarios focus on making the best choice given the circumstances, building ethical decision-making skills.
  • Representative of diverse situations and workforces.
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Making sure everyone has access to education is critical. We prioritize building learning that is accessible and valuable to every employee no matter where they sit.  

  • Mobile ready
  • Section 508 Compliant
  • Offline availability

The fact that LRN is constantly looking for ways to be visionary in advancing the E&C agenda from an awareness and learning standpoint is really exciting to us, because you never want a partner that just stands still.

PAGE MOTESDirector, Strategic Programs Office – Global Ethics & Compliance, Dell
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