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Protect Your Company with World-Class E&C Solutions

Every day your workforce is faced with interactions that require ethical choices. To ensure that they make principled and confident decisions, comply with regulations, and keep your company on track for success, a strong ethics and compliance education is critical. Ethics and compliance training that’s quick, concise, and able to adapt to new and evolving challenges will make sure that your company and employees are protected.


LRN’s ethics and compliance solutions allow you to build the program that’s right for your team. Whether you need best-in-class education, an easy-to-use learning management system, simplified audit processes, or in-depth analytics, our services can be customized to fit your unique challenges and needs.

Build a Program that Fits Your Unique Needs

Easy Implementation
Providing E&C education doesn’t have to be challenging. Our extensive courses and user-friendly platform make it easy to select the courses you want, assign your employees lessons, and collect reporting and analytics.
Risk Protection
Ensure your company and employees are acting ethically and in-line with regulations. Our centralized and comprehensive solutions provide the education, audit tools, and analytics you need to inform your employees and protect your business.
Complex Information in Compact Formats
Your employees’ time is precious. To successfully communicate complex problems in a way that quickly resonates with learners, we offer a variety of course types including videos, interactive learning, microlearning, quizzes, and more.
Content for All of Your Biggest Challenges
Our extensive content library offers hundreds of courses in over 23 risk areas totaling over 4,000 educational experiences, allowing you to build a program that aligns with your company’s key risk areas.

Powering E&C Programs Across the Industry

LRN Helps Promigas Strengthen its Position as One of Latin America’s Leaders and a Vanguard in the Energy Industry in Corporate Governance and Ethics

E&C Education and Reporting in One Simple Platform

Designed specifically for E&C, our platform is built to perform for your unique needs. We enable you to manage, deliver, and analyze your program, making it easy to track results and mitigate gaps to reduce risks. Get access to inclusive training, online resources, and a global technical support team to make providing E&C training seamless.

Automation that Saves You Time

Set it and forget it. Identify your courses, select your learners, and customize your communications. Deploy your curriculum with pre-written, editable messages that allow you to inform your learners about required actions.

Reach Those in the Field with Offline Education

Catalyst Offline sits locally on a shared workstation and is quick and easy to administer. Add your courses and have your offline employees take the training. Then sync the completion data back into LRN’s online system—no manual tracking required. The app also comes with an attendance feature so you can keep track of who is present for classroom training sessions.

Your Compliance Program in Your Employees’ Pockets

Take your ethics and compliance program to your employees, wherever they are, with an easy-to-use accessible mobile app. Give your employees the tools they need to quickly access policies, complete their assigned training, get on-demand answers to compliance questions, and confidently make the right decisions 24/7.