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Bank on an E&C program that reduces risk and increases trust

In finance, your employees face countless critical decisions every day. Whether they are in corporate negotiating deals or on the front lines interacting with clients, their choices need to comply with regulation and elevate customer experience Empower your employees to confidently make the right decisions and build better relationships by delivering exceptional ethics and compliance experiences.


LRN offers a wide range of E&C solutions that allow your company to build the program that’s right for your team. Whether you are looking for world-class content, an easy to use learning management system, better insight into risk, or in-depth analytics, our solutions can be customized to fit your unique challenges and needs.

Build a Program that Fits Your Unique Needs

Easy to Implement
Providing E&C education doesn’t have to be challenging. Our extensive and fully customizable courses and user-friendly platform make it easy to select the courses you want, assign your employees lessons, and collect reporting and analytics.
Understand and Protect Your Company from Risk
Ensure that both your frontline and corporate employees are acting ethically and in-line with regulations. Our centralized and comprehensive solutions provide the education, audit tools, and analytics you need to inform your employees and protect your business.
Adaptableto Each Employee
Different roles mean different risks and ethical challenges. LRN’s library of courses allow you to adjust content as best suits each employee’s specific needs. Courses are designed to provide the right information to overcome a broad array of ethical or compliance issues and can adapt based on responsibility or choices made in-course.
Conscious of Time on Task
Your employees’ time is precious. To successfully communicate complex problems in a way that quickly resonates with learners, we offer a variety of learning experiences including vignettes, interactive responses, microlearning, quizzes, and more.
Impact Focused
Learning that sticks with employees reduces your risk. We provide a visual, contemporary, and intuitive experience. Engaging content, in-course reflection points, and outside-course reinforcement tools support simple and robust reporting that helps you improve and understand efficacy.

LRN is Helping Leading Brands Create Ethically-Aware and
Inspired Workforces

E&C Education and Reporting in One Simple Platform

Designed specifically for E&C, our platform is built to perform for your unique needs. We enable you to manage, deliver, and analyze your program, making it easy to track results and mitigate gaps to reduce risks. Get access to inclusive training, online resources, and a global technical support team to make providing E&C training seamless.
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Automation that Saves You Time

Set it and forget it. Identify your courses, select your learners, and customize your communications. Deploy your curriculum with pre-written, editable messages that allow you to inform your learners about required actions.
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Upgraded Audit Process

We make the audit process manageable. Escalation workflows automate and address disclosures that may put your organization at risk. You can request clarifications, assign reviewers, provide guidance, and create comprehensive records.
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Case study

Helping a European bank return to “customer first” 

For AIB, we developed custom training—including gamification and classroom sessions—that taught employees the importance of putting the customer first and how to do that effectively. 
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Provide Employees Education Offline

Catalyst Offline is an app that sits locally on a shared workstation and is quick and easy to administer. Export the courses you want and then have your offline employees take the training from the shared workstation. When you are ready, sync the completion data back into LRN’s online system–no manual tracking is required. The app also comes with an attendance tracker feature so you can track classroom training sessions. No more sign-in sheets!
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Your Compliance Program in Your Employees’ Pockets

Take your ethics and compliance program to your employees, wherever they are, with an easy-to-use accessible mobile app. Give your employees the tools they need to quickly access policies, complete their assigned training, get on-demand answers to compliance questions, and confidently make the right decisions 24/7.
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Hundreds of Courses Covering 24 Risk Areas

Our ethics and compliance training is trusted by some of the world’s biggest multinational companies to meet their regulatory workforce compliance training requirements in the US, Asia, Europe, and more.
With hundreds of compliance courses and learning aids, along with the topic areas below, you can create a curriculum that makes sense for your business, E&C program, and learner population.
Anti-Money Laundering
Antitrust & Competition
Bribery & Corruption
Conflict of Interest
Corporate Governance
Corporate Social Responsibility
Data Protection & Privacy
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Ethical Leadership
Ethics & Compliance Program Management
Gifts & Entertainment/Hospitality
Government Contracting & Relationships
Harassment & Discrimination
Healthcare & Pharma
Hotline, Reporting & Investigations
Information Security
Intellectual Property
Records Management
Respectful Communications & Social Media
Securities & Insider Trading
Supply Chain
Trade Controls