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Create policies that promote an ethical culture.

We’ll help you transform your policies from legalese into clear guides that inspire ethical decision-making.
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Operationalizing your values is simpler than you think.

A single value can guide behavior far more effectively than a section of a dense rulebook. Opaque policies, complicated approval processes, and hierarchies of rules send employees searching for exceptions rather than understanding risks and mitigating them. In fact, 2021 research shows that having simplified, searchable policies is a high priority for at least half of E&C professionals. That’s why we designed our approach to policy simplification to be just that: simple. By leading with organizational values rather than processes—and replacing unintelligible complexity with clarity—we’ll help you communicate with all your employees and provide them with guidance. We streamline information so that your policies align with stakeholder expectations and are interactive and searchable.
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Read what E&C leaders are saying about policy simplification and program effectiveness.

Policy simplification clarifies how to think and act ethically at work. It’s also a key component to ensuring your ethics and compliance program runs effectively—whether it’s according to the U.S. Department of Justice guidelines or other regulatory bodies. Part one of our 2021 Ethics & Compliance Program Effectiveness Report examines what today’s E&C leaders are thinking about when it comes to the evolution of simplified, streamlined policies and procedures.
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Our approach ensures your policies are easily understood and aligned with organizational values.

Your policies should give people the confidence to act on the values that matter. We’ll help you get there using these four guidelines to planning, discovery, process alignment, and design.
Focus on values, not process.
After you identify your core company values, we’ll review how they’re expressed in each of your policies.
Emphasize accessibility.
When writing your policies, we’ll embrace brevity and simplicity by using common language that clearly outlines expectations and can be easily translated.
Support business operations.
We’ll help you distinguish policies from procedures, so staff sees how your organizational values support the day-to-day business.
Engage users consistently.
We design your policies to be interactive, searchable, and engaging—so people can find what they need with one click. You’ll also receive policy formats and templates to ensure that future updates are consistent and easy to create.

Ground your policies to company values and meet regulatory requirements as well.

By leading with your organizational values, our approach to policy simplification sets you up for success in meeting regulatory requirements. According to the U.S. Department of Justice Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs, companies with effective ethics and compliance programs must consider not only whether their policies and procedures have been effectively implemented, but also whether “employees understand the policies” and whether they are “searchable.” We tailor our approach to your culture, goals, and E&C structure to make sure this understanding is a reality across your organization—and to provide your employees with clear guidelines for making ethical decisions.
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