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E&C education and analytics built for you

Your company is always on the go. While ethics and compliance training is critical for adhering to ever-evolving regulations, your time and resources are already maxed out. To keep your company compliant, you need E&C education that’s engaging, concise, and adapts to new and developing challenges.


 LRN offers a range of ethics and compliance solutions, allowing you to build the program that’s right for your team. Whether you are looking for world-class content, an intuitive learning management system, or in-depth analytics, our solutions will fit your unique challenges and needs.

Build a Program that Fits Your Unique Needs

Complex Information in Compact Formats
Your employees’ time is precious. To successfully communicate complex problems in a way that quickly resonates with learners, we offer a variety of engaging courses with diverse styles, durations, and formats across 23 risk areas.
Impact Focused
Our focus is on your outcomes. We provide a visual, contemporary, and intuitive learning experience. Engaging content, in-course reflection points, and outside-course reinforcement tools support simple and robust reporting to help you improve and understand efficacy.
Easy to Implement
Providing E&C education doesn’t have to be challenging. Our extensive courses are fully customizable and our user-friendly platform makes it easy to select the courses you want, assign lessons, and track results.
Customizable for Each Unique Employee
Customizable for Each Unique Employee – Not every employee is faced with the same ethical problems. LRN’s courses allow you to retain or remove content and target each employee’s specific needs. Courses can be personalized in a variety of ways, automatically adjusting based on role, responsibility, or learner decisions made in-course.

Trusted by Business Like You

E&C Education and Reporting in One Simple Platform

Designed specifically for E&C, our Catalyst learning management system is built to perform for your unique needs. We enable you to manage, deliver, and analyze your program, making it easy to track results and mitigate gaps to reduce risks. Get access to inclusive training, online resources, and a global technical support team to make providing E&C training seamless.
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Automation that Saves You Time

Set it and forget it. Identify your courses, select your learners, and customize your communications. Deploy your curriculum with pre-written, editable messages that allow you to elevate your E&C brand and inform your learners about required actions.
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Education that Reflects Your Brand and Challenges

Want content that reflects your company and deeply resonates with your employees? Our courses allow for a deep level of customization to bring your unique culture, policies, and risk areas to life in your courses.  
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Reach Every Learner, Even Offline

In order to build an effective program, you need to reach every employee. Workforces are more diverse in their needs and location than ever before. Our platform is available in 68 languages, mobile-ready, available offline, and Section 508 and WCAG accessible, enabling you to reach everyone regardless of where or how they work.
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