Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all courses with Catalyst Design.

Catalyst Design allows you to transform LRN's Inspire Library content into customized courses that feel like they were designed specifically for your organization. This powerful tool is easy to use, gives you complete creative control, and enables you to personalize the look, feel, and experience of your training. 

Request a demo of LRN's Catalyst Design to understand how you can: 

  • Customize and personalize without needing a designer.
  • Be agile with an intuitive editing toolset that allows you to preview changes and carry customizations into new/updated course versions—this way we can remove the third bullet
  • Tailor training to help reduce time in seat, increase relevancy, and drive completions
  • Engage learners by incorporating your brand and content to elevate the learning experience



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LRN is helping these leading brands create ethically aware and inspired workforces.

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Accelerate program effectiveness with LRN Catalyst: Ethics & Compliance Management Platform.

LRN Catalyst is an ethics and compliance management platform built specifically for E&C owners to simplify management, drive awareness, and centralize program access. Supporting a suite of modular features, Catalyst combines easy implementation, compliance-focused functionality, and actionable insights to ensure that you align with regulation and hit critical KPIs.