Full visibility into employee disclosures, every step of the way.

Catalyst Disclosures is a risk mitigation tool that allows ethics and compliance teams to collect and track employee disclosures—for conflicts of interest, gifts and entertainment, and more. It simplifies and automates your disclosure process to improve efficacy, transparency, and insight into risk.  

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  • Save time with rules-based workflow automation and streamlined assignments, approvals, escalations, and reminders.  
  • Increase visibility by collecting disclosures in course, as an event occurs, or through assignments.  
  • Reduce risk with insights into review status, reviewer activity, variant responses, and more. 

An example of Catalyst Disclosures.



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Accelerate program effectiveness with LRN Catalyst: Ethics & Compliance Management Platform.

LRN Catalyst is an ethics and compliance management platform built specifically for E&C owners to simplify management, drive awareness, and centralize program access. Supporting a suite of modular features, Catalyst combines easy implementation, compliance-focused functionality, and actionable insights to ensure that you align with regulation and hit critical KPIs.