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How to activate ESG principles in your organization


Environmental, social, and governance—or ESG—initiatives help organizations assess, measure, and improve crucial business factors and operations to better reflect their values. Having solid ESG policies, training, and reporting signifies your company's long-term sustainability and commitment to the long-term good of the world. Let’s explore how to strengthen your ESG strategy.

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“There's no question that this is the way of the future. Companies and industries can either lead, follow, or get out of the way. But there's no question that ESG is not a moment. It is a movement.”

— Che Sidanius, Global Head of Regulations & Industry Affairs at Refinitiv, on LRN’s Principled Podcast

Set your ESG agenda

ESG (or environment, social, and governance) refers to a sweeping set of corporate practices to recognize the range of stakeholders in an organization and—in the words of United Nations Global Council Strategic Development Goal 16—“Foster strong, effective, accountable, and inclusive institutions.” LRN proudly supports the UNGC SDG 16 framework as a patron and with insights from our decades of daily work with board directors, chief compliance officers, and ethics and compliance program managers.

Everyone from investors to employees to regulators like the SEC is turning their attention to ESG. Our expert advisors can help you assess the health of your strategic programs, navigate pending regulations, and formulate your ESG priorities.

“I think [the board] must start with this notion that we are all here for the good of the whole, for the good of the company, for the shareholder, and that we need to be open to diverse ideas and perspectives. That’s where it all begins.”

— Virginia Addicott, Former president and CEO of FedEx Custom Critical, on LRN’s Principled Podcast

Make ESG a board priority

With increasing demands from institutional investors, employees, consumers, and shareholders around ESG matters, how are company boards assuring that they are shaping business strategy to be responsive to these expectations? We’ve assembled a portfolio of materials as thought starters—including reports summarizing board priorities and articles about activating ESG principles in your organization.

Activating ESG in the boardroom

Insights from in-depth, confidential interviews with approximately 40 directors who occupy almost 80 public company board seats, including some of the largest companies in the world.

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How boards can tap into ESG strategy for long-term success

At the 2022 Digital Trust Europe conference in London, LRN Chief Advisory Officer Ty Francis led a panel exploring how a company's board can leverage ESG as part of a long-term strategy for healthy growth and success. We recap highlights from the group’s discussion on the role boards can play in advancing ESG priorities.

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12 steps to operationalize the tone at the very top

Immediate steps that boards can take to help drive an ethical, high-performing culture.

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How European boards can strengthen governance and ESG efforts

Key takeaways from Ernst and Young’s second edition of their 2022 Long-Term Value and Corporate Governance survey, which aims to understand the progress and challenges of European boards in driving long-term value and the implications for corporate governance.

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Want to find out more about how to incorporate ESG into your company?

Bring your ESG strategy to life

Research from the LRN Benchmark of Ethical Culture shows that the most ethical companies outperform their peers by up to 40% across key business metrics including employee loyalty, customer satisfaction, adaptability, innovation, and growth. LRN aims to equip organizations with the values, knowledge, and tools to minimize risk, maximize outcomes, and measure effectiveness. We can help you navigate the world of ESG and home in on the aspects materially important to advancing your agenda for people, planet, and profit. There is no one size fits all when it comes to ESG. It is your context that is key.

4 tips to put your ESG strategy into action

“There's a connection between organizations who are committed to a more sustainable business practice and a more stable and profitable trajectory in terms of where they go.”

Che Sidanius, Global Head of Regulations & Industry Affairs at Refinitiv, on LRN’s Principled Podcast

Educate your company on ESG

A vast library of customizable courses is at your fingertips, to help your employees refine their social skills, understand the value in diversity, avoid illegal actions, and support corporate purpose and values. LRN has a sampling of library courses for employee training across a range of ESG-related topics, including ESG basics to get your team started. We can also create custom content specific to your education needs.

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How can boards advance ESG priorities through a values-based culture?

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What do start-ups think of ESG and why does it matter?

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The 2024 Ethics & Compliance Program Effectiveness Report

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Advancing the UNGC Sustainable Development Goal 16 for a better world

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