10 Years of Insight: The 2024 E&C Program Effectiveness Report

The 2024 Ethics & Compliance Program Effectiveness Report validates a central lesson from over 10 years of primary research—values-based programs are not only the most effective, but also correlate strongly with reduced risk and better business outcomes.

As new risks increase in severity and frequency around the world, we have focused our industry-leading analysis to provide the E&C community with both a global view as well as specific and actionable insights for your region.

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North America highlights:

  • High-performing programs in North America are 1.8x more likely to emphasize topical risk areas like sanctions and trade controls.
  • 71% of mid-sized programs need to upgrade their internals systems to facilitate better training, web-based resources, and data collection.
  • Large enterprise programs are prioritizing improvements to how they measure ethical culture (43%) and deliver training (39%) in 2024.

Global highlights:

  • Risk mitigation and risk analysis are top priorities for improvement and usefulness for evaluating program impact.
  • High-performing programs are 1.9x more likely to improve their training systems to be user-friendly and increase overall effectiveness.
  • High-performing programs are 2.1x more likely to leverage data from multiple sources to guide program development.
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