Elevate your E&C training with an inventive educational experience.

The LRN Inspire Library offers an extensive e-learning library of ethics and compliance training courses that engage learners with striking visual design and relevant scenarios. Using our robust library and best-in-class course editing technology, you can build learning experiences for every individual in your organization that empowers them to think and act ethically.  

LRN’s learning content is purpose-built to enhance ethical behavior and maximize compliance program effectiveness.  

The Inspire Library consists of: 

  • 23+ key risk areas including Anti-Harassment & Discrimination, Conflict of Interest, Anti-Money Laundering, Information & Data Security, and more.
  • 70+ languages available for translation
  • 144+ E&C courses
  • 362+ microlearning assets

Combining multiple formats to effectively communicate content as well as engage every type of learner, LRN’s Inspire Library offers award winning E&C training that takes learners on a journey and cultivates behavior change.

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New courses that engage, equip, and transform.

Traditional E&C programs and compliance training often lacks in aspects that engage learners, resulting in lower enthusiasm and retention. LRN’s new E&C content seeks to alleviate this concern and prioritizes learner experience and behavior change. Featuring state-of-the-art design and interactive content, these new courses and microlearnings are created to captivate and inform.  

Alongside multiple learning formats, this content offers: 

-Better design 
-Higher resonance 
-More relevant messages

Better design

LRN’s newest courses and microlearnings feature a modern look and feel with better dynamics and offer a distinctive design with each piece of content being different and unique.

The animations within each course and microlearning are visually striking and deliver a compliance learning experience that is memorable to learners. 

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Higher resonance

These courses and microlearnings have been purposefully designed to be more engaging for learners, increasing enthusiasm and retention. Learners will build connections with relatable characters they get to know throughout the course, immerse themselves in more realistic and true-to-life scenarios, and find the content highly relevant to today's work environment.

This approach seeks to captivate users and enrich the learning experience. 

More relevant messages

Most compliance trainings focus on extreme and unrealistic scenarios. LRN's courses go beyond conventional training by delving into the complexities of grey areas and less obvious scenarios.

Learners are encouraged to explore diverse perspectives and different points of view, fostering critical thinking and a deeper understanding of ethical dilemmas within each scenario. 

LRN E&C Course Messaging

LRN is helping these leading brands create ethically aware and inspired workforces.