Inspire learners to act ethically with an active learning strategy.

Our content and technology approach prioritises the learner experience.

Empower your people to make ethical decisions no matter where they are.

Today’s ethics and compliance programmes need to be relevant, engaging, mindful of time, and—most importantly—effective. The LRN Inspire instructional design model prioritises the learner journey to deliver maximum impact, while still ensuring you fulfil your organisation’s compliance needs. Accompanied by a fresh, modern course format, our methodology creates an interactive experience that inspires learners to think and act more ethically where they work and live.
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LRN delivers an active, three-part learning strategy to create behaviour change.

Our instructional design model ensures every topic and course inspires your learners to do the right thing and demonstrates results. This microlearning strategy combines short, digestible content modules with standalone learning assets to create an engaging and unique experience.

Learn it

Learn it.

We introduce the what, why, and how of topics so learners can better spot risks, make ethical choices, and apply learning on the job.
Work it

Work it.

Learners practice their understanding of topics by exploring real-word scenarios that feature grey-area situations.
Prove it

Prove it.

A quick, final assessment wraps up each topic and gives learners the opportunity to demonstrate that they can apply each key concept to their work.

The fact that LRN is constantly looking for ways to be visionary in advancing the E&C agenda from an awareness and learning standpoint is really exciting to us, because you never want a partner that just stands still.”

Page Motes
Director, Strategic Programs Office – Global Ethics & Compliance, Dell

See our learning strategy in action with this sample curriculum.

Creating an inclusive and empathetic workspace goes beyond just training. This sample curriculum outlines a one-year plan of ongoing learning and communication initiatives to educate your people on what diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) means and show how it’s integrated into your organisation.

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