Go from static to smart with a dynamic code of conduct microsite.

Smart Code helps you optimise visibility, information retention, and training.

Create a code of conduct as modern as your organisation.

Gone are the days where codes of conduct were dense legal documents. With Smart Code, you can transform your code into an interactive and an easily searchable microsite that leverages the latest best practices in user experience design and analytics. You’ll increase code visibility and information retention, quickly guide employees to crucial information, and glean insights into your organisational culture, training needs, and E&C programme effectiveness.

Smart Code gives you the tools to build a strong foundation for your ethical culture.

With an intuitive user experience and actionable analytics, Smart Code provides valuable insights into the state of your organisational culture, training needs, potential risk, and E&C programme effectiveness.

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Increase code of conduct access, usage, and retention

Unlike a static PDF, the Smart Code microsite can be easily linked and bookmarked in places where people often seek information—including mobile devices. Smart Code’s design also makes your code searchable, navigable, and easy to update without worry of version control.
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Gain insight into overall E&C effectiveness

Smart Code analytics can show you how often your code is viewed as well as what topics and terms your employees are searching for. This can help you identify any risk hotspots or knowledge gaps in your policies and/or programme—and make informed plans for improvement.
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Leverage expertise in code design and implementation

Smart Code was developed by E&C experts to be consistent with code of conduct best practices and regulatory expectations. Our team includes former in-house chief compliance officers and E&C professionals with decades of experience who will meet you wherever you are in your code journey, whether you need a complete overhaul or slight adjustments.
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Modernise code of conduct interaction from end to end

Smart Code leverages interactive, search, and mobile technology to modernise your E&C, HR, and/or Legal departments and meet your employees where they are—online and on their devices. Your digital code design can include click-to-reveal content, embedded multimedia, and links to policies, training, and resources to a smoother user experience.

Learn and leverage today’s best practices with LRN’s 2023 Code of Conduct Report.

Compiling 27 years of experience and research by our E&C Advisors, the 2023 Code of Conduct Report provides an in-depth evaluation of nearly 200 codes from top companies around the world, using our proprietary Code of Conduct Assessment Tool. With this report, you can benchmark your own code against the latest best practices and create actionable plans for improvement.
Download the report now
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Launch and refine your code of conduct with confidence.

Creating an effective code of conduct involves more than just adopting a digital format. With Smart Code, your project team will help you develop a code launch strategy—including key messages and concepts to ensure your Smart Code is world-class. Your team will also help glean insights from your code microsite to improve the efficacy of your overall E&C programme.

Accelerate programme performance with LRN Catalyst: Ethics & Compliance Management Platform.

LRN Catalyst is built specifically for E&C owners to simplify management, drive awareness, and centralise programme access. Supporting a suite of modular features, Catalyst combines easy implementation, compliance-focused functionality, and actionable insights to ensure that you align with regulation and hit critical KPIs.

Bring your code of conduct to life with training.

Training courses in LRN's Inspire Library are designed to inspire ethical behavior while helping you stay compliant with regulation. You can fully customize your code of conduct course to align your training with your organization’s mission, values, and business objectives. By bringing company principles and policies to life with learning, you can ensure your code works in practice—not just on paper. 

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