Culture is everything.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Our client partners, the leaders of ethics and compliance at their respective firms, are in the unique position to deeply impact the development of corporate culture. Once upon a time, “tick the box” compliance training was common practice. It was simply staff training for the sake of regulatory compliance without much thought into the why, the how, the wherefore, and the people in the process. But now, in greater numbers, companies are starting to understand the value of catalysing culture.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” is a phrase made famous in the early 2000s in association with Peter Drucker, a renowned management guru and namesake of the Peter Drucker Institute at Claremont Graduate University. The point is that humans are always at the centre of business, and the best laid plans will be undermined by poor culture—poor alignment around shared values—and it is through the prioritising of culture that businesses win. (And they will win across many important indices, from employee retention to financial performance, as our research shows.)

Culture has been a priority at LRN since the company’s founding, both internally in how we operate and externally in the services and solutions we provide.

Rules are good

Rules are good. Values are better.

At LRN we believe in equipping individuals with the framework to help them with real-time decision-making even when the rules are not entirely clear. Through consistent communication of corporate values, and access to both leadership and tools for individuals to vet concerns and experiences—from the simplest dilemmas to the most serious misconduct—a solid foundation is built.

Our values are at the centre of who we are.

Integrity, humility, passion and truth are the guiding principles of our behaviour at LRN. When in doubt, we refer to these core values as a means of shaping our approach and assessing the path forward.



Our company is built on values.
Society prospers when businesses embody strong values.


There’s no one right answer.
Every organisation is unique. We’ll work with you to get the answer you need.


We want to make the business world a better place.
We will do what it takes to deliver for the greater good.


Our foundation is built on honesty.
We know no other way.

LRN Leadership Framework

The LRN Leadership Framework defines, galvanises and unifies our culture, inspiring and informing our conduct whether we’re collaborating with colleagues or our client partners. We believe enduring success is achieved through inspired, ethical leadership—regardless of tenure, job function or position in an organizational chart. Over time, ethical leadership shapes a culture that governs itself according to shared corporate values.

The LRN Leadership Framework is an interconnected, mutually reinforcing set of principles that reflects the multi-faceted quality of ethical leadership. It is a living constitution that brings our core values to life, guiding our everyday business decisions and actions, and allowing us to consider our conduct in a broader, more-reflective context that which supports evolution and journey as an organisation.

Leadership Framework

The LRN Leadership Framework traces its roots to the work of LRN Founder and Chairman of the Board, Dov Seidman, for his book, “How: Why HOW We Do Anything Means Everything,”


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“Office optional” and remote first.


LRN, like our client partners who prioritise ethical culture, weathered well the pivot to a fully remote workstyle at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like most other companies, we won’t be going back to the way it was. We anticipate maintaining a remote work culture across regions.

Upon the anticipated reopening of the NYC headquarters and regional offices in Dublin, and Mumbai, LRN will continue with “office optional” policies. Already, nearly half of LRN employees in the United States and Europe make communities outside of New York and Dublin their home. If you’re looking for a ‘remote first’ workplace option, visit our careers page for open positions.


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