3-year DEI training curriculum

If you are actively working toward a more diverse, equitable,
and inclusive workplace, you need a DEI training curriculum that
goes beyond the basics—a program that sustains a conversation
beyond one-time training. Download our free three-year DEI
training curriculum template to establish a blueprint for a DEI
program that drives measurable results.

Build a culture where everyone belongs

LRN’s DEI training curriculum is just one part of a comprehensive and inspiring DEI program to help create more empathy at work.

This three-year curriculum template includes:

  • A sample three-year learning timeline featuring crucial DEI topics.  

  • Examples of how to incorporate multi-modal campaign assets into your learning plan.

  • An overview of campaign assets outside of training to incorporate into your DEI program.

Below is an example of the first year's approach (click to expand). Additional detail and templates are provided for support and direction in each year.

Learner Journey_Y1U_@2X


Download your DEI training curriculum today!