Your culture, written down.

Time to reimagine your code of conduct to inspire, guide, and enable ethical behavior

Design a code of conduct that reflects the essence of your organization.

Gone are the days of writing codes as dense compliance manuals with pages of legalese and corporate jargon. Codes of conduct are becoming more visually engaging, readable, and useful to employees as guides to help them do the right thing. Our advisors will help tailor your code of conduct to promote making ethical decisions that align with your organization’s unique purpose. Together, we’ll ground your code guidelines in values that reflect your culture, address employee experiences and concerns, and foster a more ethical environment. 

Increase visibility, retention, and insight into risk with Smart Code.

An effective code of conduct articulates who you are, what you believe, and why you are in business. Its readability, accessibility, functionality, and aesthetic should therefore reflect that. Smart Code helps transform your code into an interactive and easily searchable microsite, leveraging advanced LRN technology and analytics to help mitigate risk and provide insight into training and overall program effectiveness. 

Understand the evolving trends in company codes of conduct—and how they apply to you.

LRN brings more than a decade of organizational specialization in code evaluation and reinvention. Listen in as our LRN code of conduct leader Jim Walton discusses key shifts in the evolution of codes—most significantly from a set of rules to a set of values-based principles. 

Learn and leverage today’s best practices with the 2022 LRN Code of Conduct Report.

Compiling 27 years of experience and research by our E&C Advisors, the 2022 LRN Code of Conduct Report provides an in-depth evaluation of nearly 150 codes from top companies around the world, using our proprietary Code of Conduct Assessment Tool. With this report, you can benchmark your own code against the latest best practices and create actionable plans for improvement. 

Code of conduct services to amplify your purpose, values, culture, business, workforce, and brand.

At LRN, you’ll collaborate with a team of experienced E&C professionals, project managers, writers, and designers to create a world-class code of conduct that empowers your staff to do the right thing every time.


Engaging visual design that’s tailored to your organization.


Clear, values-based language that your employees will understand.


Easily navigable format, learning aids, and links to resources to inform ethical decision-making.


Communication strategy plans and tools to cascade your Code throughout your organization.

Code solution enhancements include:

Code translations

Quick reference guide

Facilitator's guide


Supplier code

Catalyst Mobile app

Focus groups 


Bring your code of conduct to life with training.

Available to your workforce on- and offline, our training courses are designed to inspire ethical behavior while helping you stay compliant with regulation. You can fully customize your code of conduct course to align your training with your organization’s mission, values, and business objectives. By bringing company principles and policies to life with learning, you can ensure your code works in practice—not just on paper. 

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