Diversity, equity & inclusion in the workplace training

It’s time to look forward. Proactively building a corporate culture of respect, belonging, and trust is a top priority.

Organizations of every size now realize there is important work to do in shaping a culture that eliminates racism, elevates diversity, answers inequities, and welcomes a range of perspectives

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The business of business is no longer just business. The business of business now is also society.”
Dov Seidman, Founder & Chairman, LRN

Develop an awareness and appreciation of diversity through thoughtful DEI training

Developing a DEI training program

Today, organizations are comprised of a variety of races, cultures, religions, ages, sexual orientations, and lifestyles that interact regularly, making workplace diversity training even more crucial. The norms that dictated behavior a half-century ago are transforming. 

Diversity in the workplace is apparent in everything, from our names to the types of food we eat, and long-taboo subjects are now discussed freely. People with disabilities often work alongside openly gay co-workers, and a variety of languages is spoken by employees and customers alike. Human conditions from obesity and dwarfism to mental illness and alcoholism should be treated with increasing sensitivity and openness. LRN diversity and inclusion trainings are here to help guide your employees on this mission.

Educate beyond the basics:

Sample LRN courses on diversity, equity, and inclusion

Businesses see better outcomes when their employees feel they can bring their whole selves to work.

As cited by the World Economic Forum, there’s not only a moral imperative for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace, but also an economic one. A wide range of research conclusively documents that well-managed diverse teams significantly outperform well-managed homogenous ones over time. A greater sense of belonging fuels innovation and excellence, reduces turnover, and lowers risk because employees feel and know their words and actions have impact. By “out behaving” the competition, companies realize better outcomes. In fact, research shows that in just three years, companies that have a highly inclusive culture notice 2.3 times more cash flow per employee.

There is a wealth of strategic recommendations from college professors, corporate DEI leaders, and market researchers about how to make workplace DEI programs more meaningful. The common theme among them is ensuring that your program is actionable: how do you engage your learners and inspire them to make positive, behavioral change in their unique work environment? LRN’s DEI program provides a continual learning experience—courses, conversation guides, and resources—that is interactive, empowering, and grounded in deepening your employees’ understanding of these issues. You can deploy our learning campaigns “off the shelf” or partner with our Advisory team to build a bespoke program specific to your unique needs.

More than a dozen countries—including the U.S., the UK, and the European Union—have active anti-discrimination laws in place. Certain government entities, like the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, strongly recommend a workplace diversity component within every employer’s training and development offerings. Most importantly, research shows that fostering a workplace culture where employees feel like they truly belong actually benefits companies in the long run. A study from the Corporate Executive Board Company (CEB) found that in a more diverse and inclusive workforce, individual performance improves by 12%, intent to stay improves by 20%, and team collaboration and commitment improve by about 50%. And a Josh Bersin study found that in just three years, companies that have a highly inclusive culture notice 2.3 times more cash flow per employee. 

When creating corporate DEI training, it’s important to understand your organization’s particular objectives and perspectives when selecting courses for your program. Our DEI curriculum plan covers a growing variety of topics—including anti-racism, LGBTQ+ allyship, and microaggressions to list a few. For instant access to demo some of our most popular content click here to try for free.

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Course considerations

LRN offers a range of learning formats including video vignettes, quizzes, infographics, and writing prompts for an expanding series of foundational DEI courses on topics such as: 

  • Antiracism  
  • Ageism  
  • Discrimination and Harassment  
  • LGBTQ+ Allyship  
  • Diversity and Inclusion  
  • Microaggressions 
  • Respectful Communication 
  • Unconscious Bias  
  • New topics added quarterly 

How Stories Build Empathy, Guide Better Decisions, and Foster Stronger Cultures of DEI

Join us for a conversation on how organizations are evolving beyond DEI “programs” to look at DEI as both an ethical imperative and a manifestation of authentic cultures of integrity and values.

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The learning experience doesn’t shy away from a sensitive issue but prompts learners to confront and reflect on the impact of racism, both at work and in the world, and to consider their role as part of the solution, with tools to support the learner’s adoption of an antiracism mindset.”
Kristen Motzer, LRN’s Director of Learning and instructional Design


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