An E&C program you can bank on.

With LRN, you can build your ethical culture while managing risk.

Invest in an E&C education that helps you outbehave and outperform.

Whether negotiating deals from the corporate office or interacting with clients on the ground, your employees makes decisions every day that need to elevate the customer experience while complying with regulation. LRN’s ethics and compliance solutions for financial services are designed to inspire ethical behavior that influences risk management and regulatory oversight—empowering your team to think and act ethically no matter where they are.
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Build an ethics and compliance program that fits your dynamic needs and workforce.

Whether you are looking for customizable content, an intuitive learning management system, or automated workflows for disclosures, our solutions ensure you reach every on- and offline learner and achieve your organizational objectives.

One SaaS platform for all your E&C needs

Purpose built for E&C, the LRN Catalyst platform includes an intuitive LMS, defensible disclosures, a mobile app, and robust reporting. You can create, manage, deliver, analyze, and audit your program to align to federal guidance while hitting critical KPIs.

Automated certifications and disclosures that save time

With Catalyst Disclosures, you can create an auditable disclosure repository, automate workflows, and glean actionable insights to help meet the challenges of managing risk.

Customizable learning to maximize impact and efficiency

Identify the most relevant courses for each learner population with online role profilers. Then reinforce key concepts on and offline through a range of formats, from infographics to facilitator guides.

Advisory services to guide ethical decision-making

Values strengthen business performance. Whether you need to simplify policies, refresh a code of conduct, or address board oversight, our E&C advisors will help you activate your company’s values to build effective E&C practices.
Case study

Helping a European bank return to “customer first”

When AIB realized its “customer first” culture was starting to erode, they tapped LRN to develop custom training that would energize employees and re-instill their confidence in putting people at the center of their work. Together, we created an interactive program that taught employees the importance of putting the customer first—and how to do that effectively.

LRN solutions are trusted by businesses like you.

Sample E&C training courses for free.

Available to your workforce on- and offline, our courses are designed to inspire ethical behavior while helping you stay compliant with regulation. These fully customizable courses cover a range of key E&C topics for financial services organizations— including DEI, ESG, and anti-harassment and discrimination.

Maximize efficiency and ethical impact.

Financial services’ needs have changed drastically in recent years, making it even more crucial to deliver engaging E&C education that prioritizes operational efficiency. See why more than 600 organizations trust LRN’s online and offline learning solutions to educate their workforce every year, in offices and facility floors around the world.
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Hear why ESG is a movement, not a moment

On the Principled Podcast, Che Sidanius, Global Head of Financial Crime & Industry Affairs at Refinitiv, discusses how different parts of the world execute on ESG, what factors are at play when implementing ESG strategies, and how “green crime” threatens the environment, business, and security.

Keep pace with emerging regulation

How are US regulators addressing the demand side of corruption? What is the DOJ’s stance on corporate culture? Our new collection of resources gives you best E&C practices and essential updates as DOJ and other regulatory guidance evolves.

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