Do UK ethics and compliance programmes work in practice and not just on paper?

Understanding programme effectiveness during a time of crisis and uncertainty can feel like a tough code to crack. Rise to the challenge with the 2022 UK E&C Programme Effectiveness Report.

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Learn from industry peers and evaluate your own programme efficacy with LRN’s 2022 UK E&C Programme Effectiveness Report. Get a regional look into how the pandemic continued to impact ethical culture in 2021, the steps organisations took to adapt, and understand what worked, what needs improvement, and where some E&C programmes excelled where others did not. 



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Get the report for insights into UK ethics and compliance benchmarks and learn:
  • How did UK E&C programmes weather the continuing Covid-19 crisis? Were they consistent with global programme effectiveness results?   

  • How do programmes in the UK measure their programme impact?   

  • What does “good” look like for programmes in the UK?   

  • In what areas is the UK seeing different results than the global population?   

  • What is going well for programmes in the UK and what needs improvement?