The 2022 LRN Code of Conduct Report

Rules are good, values are better, design matters. 

A code of conduct is your organisation’s character and culture written down. Does your code articulate who you are, what you believe, and why you are in business?

The 2022 LRN Code of Conduct Report provides compelling insights and practical tips to make your code an effective and meaningful reflection of your organisation. Stemming from extensive research and analysis by our expert Advisory team, this report can help you benchmark your organisation’s code of conduct against top global companies, understand the latest best practices, and create actionable plans for improvement.


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Learn how today’s best codes leverage advanced technology for easy access, better employee engagement, and just-in-time insights to navigate grey areas in the workplace.


Break down code of conduct goals into more actionable practices and identify gaps in code development



Get the results of LRN’s assessment of nearly 150 codes from top companies headquartered in Europe and the United States.



Read a concrete, objective, and comprehensive measurement based on 47 questions that map to 8 dimensions of code effectiveness.

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