Keeping it Simple, Explains Susan Divers via Thomson Reuters’ Practical Law for In-House Lawyers


Has your ethics and compliance program become a coral reef? That was one of the questions posed to attendees at the ECI annual conference in Washington, D.C., held April 24-26, at LRN’s session on program effectiveness.

As ethics and compliance programs mature they can easily turn into layers upon layers of policies and procedures rather than a set of integrated ways of working. If so, these provide little or no practical guidance to employees and most importantly can mean that the programs have lost touch with the values that underlie them.

Compliance programs usually consist of rules to encourage certain behaviors from employees, managers and executives. LRN’s recently published Program Effectiveness Report found that often programs with fewer rules – provided they are the right ones – can be even more effective.

The research found that the number of rules or elements in a company’s compliance program – such as requirements to provide annual certifications or report gifts – is not the best measure of the program’s effectiveness. What really matters is whether or not those rules actually promote ethical behaviors that reflect the company’s core values. Click here for more.