Can the U.S. Move Toward Unity? LRN’s Dov Seidman’s Answers During “The Great American Divide” Session at Davos 2017


As a new president is inaugurated this week in the aftermath of a divisive election season, how can the United States be reunited? LRN CEO Dov Seidman joined the following panelists to help answer this question: Laura D’Andrea Tyson, Professor, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley; Lonnie Bunch, Director, National Museum of African American History and Culture, Smithsonian Institution; Gemma Mortensen, Chief Global Officer,; and Hamza Yusuf Hanson, President, Zaytuna College.

“I think most elections are contests between platforms and visions,” said Seidman. However, “this election was a protest.”

He added: “Our fundamental value is liberty. Today, we don’t just have an inequality of income; we have inequality of freedom.”

Watch the replay of the session here.