The 2024 Benchmark of Ethical Culture Report

Ethical culture is both an organizational risk and a company’s most effective control. LRN’s research found that companies with the strongest ethical cultures outperform across a variety of traditional business metrics and experience less risk. This report provides the benchmarks and impact of ethical culture on risk, misconduct, and business results as well as key insights on what matters now and next—from hybrid work to the impact of AI.

Benchmark Snapshot

  • Companies with the strongest ethical cultures outperform those with weaker ethical cultures by 50%.
  • Organizations with strong ethical cultures are 2.6x more likely to be adaptable – a critical determinant of a company’s resilience.
  • Employees who view their companies as adaptive and resilient are nearly 2x more receptive to the potential benefits of Artificial Intelligence in workplace and career opportunities.
  • Nearly 25% of employees around the world agreed “it is OK to break the rules if needed to get the job done” – Gen Z 2.5x more than Boomers
  • Psychological safety as the strongest predictor of an employees’ willingness to report misconduct, with a 2.4x magnitude effect.
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