Designed specifically to create behavioral impact, our holistic platforms enable ethics and compliance professionals to automate their programs, track and share results, and mitigate gaps to reduce risks. Quickly design, customize, deploy, and report on your ethics and compliance education and communication initiatives. LRN makes it easy for you by providing inclusive training, easy-to-access online resources, and a global technical support team.

LRN’s proprietary, innovative platforms are purpose-built from the ground up to create ethics and compliance impact.

Fully automated, from adding users through reporting

Easy integration with all common HRISs and LMSs

Comprehensive learner site customization, 67 languages

Host your own or third-party content

Customizable user fields and permissions

Targeted, attribute-based assignments

Full tracking and built-in notifications/workflows

Comprehensive, intuitive course customizer tool

Streamlined certification, registry, and disclosure tool

Customizable, exportable reporting

Administrator- and manager-level analytics

Innovate mobile app

Customizable communication tool

Learner interaction mapping tool

Batch SCORM export tool

Offline learning tool

Built-in 24/7 administrator support

Mobile-ready and 508/WCAG accessible

Our comprehensive, flexible platforms will help you clear the path to more efficient and effective program management and ignite better decision-making from your employees.


LRN Catalyst® is the centerpoint of hundreds of organizations’ ethics and compliance programs. Aiming higher than your average LMS with a powerful customization tool, a singular certification and disclosure management application, and three levels of customizable reporting to reveal trends and opportunities, and make stakeholder communication simple. Our solution empowers ethics and compliance professionals to eliminate redundancy and demonstrate effectiveness. Elevate your program to the ethical level with LRN Catalyst®.

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