LRN Launches App That Answers Employees’ Ethical Questions on Demand, Provides 24/7 Access to Companies’ Codes of Conduct and Policies and Provides “Microlearning” on Compliance

NEW YORK, June 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — LRN Corporation has released Catalyst Connect, a new app designed to help employees and business leaders more effectively navigate the ethics and compliance (E&C) function, as well as larger ethical workplace issues and questions.

“Designed to provide users with ethics and compliance content on demand, the launch of Catalyst Connect means that clarifications on compliance policy and answers to ethical questions are now at employees’ fingertips,” says Nicolas Carr, who helps lead product management at LRN. “Compliance experts aren’t available around the clock, and a company’s compliance tools don’t live in a single location. Having codes of conduct, bite-sized compliance courses, policies and a company’s compliance hotline all in a searchable, user-friendly interface helps fill those gaps.”

Catalyst Connect employs dynamic push notifications to nip E&C failures in the bud. For example, if an employee is traveling to a region of the world with higher than average incidences of corruption and bribery, Catalyst Connect will send a notification on the high-risk nature of the area and direct the employee to the most appropriate resources for navigating those risks, all within the app.

Additionally, the app’s use of augmented reality (AR) in its microlearning sessions (miniaturized workplace learning courses that are only a few minutes long, designed to be used on the go) allows users to engage more deeply with the material by incorporating their actual workspace into quizzes and interactive questionnaires. The app’s use of AR is part of an overall design philosophy that emphasizes proactive learning and engagement with ethical issues over reactive or passive.

“It’s important for compliance to move beyond relying solely on static, dense codes of conduct and courses toward dynamic, responsive, and flexible forms of employee education and engagement,” says Carr. “It’s not realistic to expect everyone to know everything that’s in the code of conduct or policies, so Catalyst Connect presents the content in a way that is approachable and easy to access.”

Catalyst Connect also helps business leaders become more proactive about the prevention of ethical failures by diagnosing and spotting problem areas or vulnerabilities based on user data. By keeping track of what kinds of questions employees are asking and what questions they’re getting wrong on quizzes, leaders have a better sense of weak spots and gaps that need to be filled when it comes to ethical business practices and compliance issues.

Says Carr, “We believe that ethics and compliance can and should be more seamlessly integrated into overall company operations. Through Catalyst Connect, we’ve created a tool that helps remove barriers to E&C information, gives employees access to workplace education at any time, and gives leaders greater insight into the ethical state of their organizations.”

Catalyst Connect was released this week, and an in-depth overview of its features can be found here.