As of October, Mandatory Anti-Sexual Harassment Training Legislation for New York Companies Is in Effect

LRN’s New York-Specific Course Helps Companies Fulfill All City and State Requirements

NEW YORK, Oct. 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As of October 9, 2018, New York State legislation requires companies – even very small ones – to adopt sexual harassment prevention policies and provide sexual harassment prevention training to employees. The law holds all employees – from interns to part-time seasonal workers to supervisors – to the same high standards, and everyone must be trained.

Timed with the new laws, LRN is releasing a course that satisfies both New York State and New York City requirements for interactive education on sexual harassment prevention. The new course educates learners about the various aspects of sexual harassment, including who’s protected against it, how and where it can happen, and the actions they can take to prevent it. Where necessary to provide more insight, the course branches to reveal added information for supervisors so all learners can focus on the content that’s vital to them. Also included is bystander training – one of this year’s emerging hot topics.

“Everyone has the right to work in a safe and respectful work environment that is free from sexual harassment. Whether full-time or engaged as a part-time contractor, as an hourly shift worker or intern, a seasonal employee in an office or a restaurant, we must each remember that the workplace is a public environment, and we are legally responsible for our own actions and reactions. These days, there’s no such thing as an innocent bystander at work. As we’ve learned in other successful awareness-building moments, it’s not OK to look away,” says Jennifer Farthing, who leads workplace learning and content creation at ethics and compliance firm LRN Corporation.

“In addition to taking action to prevent sexual harassment, companies must be aware that a major responsibility for any supervisor is to help foster a professional workplace that protects all employees from inappropriate and abusive conduct,” says Farthing. “LRN’s new course not only teaches learners to recognize and understand their rights and responsibilities as employees and supervisors under New York State and NYC anti-sexual harassment law, but to also recognize types of behavior that are inappropriate between supervisors, employees, and coworkers.”

Farthing adds that learners will also be trained on effectively addressing any inappropriate conduct (including abusive conduct), in compliance with company policy and the law, as well as the legal protections for certain categories of people and the types of discrimination and harassment that can violate those protections.

The new requirements provide a great opportunity for businesses to go beyond the required training to reviewing the effectiveness of their training programs. After all, it’s easy enough to implement a training session, but deploying workplace education that is truly effective is a taller order.

Says Farthing, “It’s important for anti-sexual harassment initiatives to build trust and respect in the workplace. Simple dos and don’ts aren’t enough to accomplish that: Workforce education must reinforce the specific, values-driven behaviors to which that organization aspires.”

To learn more about LRN’s sexual harassment awareness training, click here. In addition to sexual harassment awareness and prevention, LRN’s corporate ethics and compliance platform includes curricula, video vignettes and other microlearning modules, live workshops, blended learning, and online courses on harassment, discrimination, bullying and many more workplace topics.