Applying Moral Leadership on the Job

Part 1

Take a moment of silent reflection to walk through your typical day on the job.

What’s a specific thing you do on a regular basis, something that could be done even better if you were to apply some of the themes we’ve talked about today.

Maybe it’s a meeting, or an interaction, something you evaluate, or create. Something that’s part of the daily routine that already exists. Remember, this isn’t about inventing a new task. It’s about doing the same thing, but REFRAMING it in a new way to achieve new outcomes.  


Part 2

Form a group of 3 (ideally – find people in similar roles, but different than the groups you shared your value-objects with earlier this morning). 

As you share the tasks you’ve just thought about, work together to answer these questions:  

  1. How would I do this task in a new, different or more elevated way? 
  2. How would I enable others to do so?
  3. What would be different for all of us if I did?


Part 3

Choose one of the tasks you’ve just discussed to dive in on further.

Once you’ve picked your task, work through the following prompts:

  1. What is likely to get in our way? What obstacles will we inevitably face (focus on what’s within your own control – e.g. your beliefs, fatigue, capability, etc…)
  2. What plan could we make so that WHEN that obstacle shows up, THEN we’ll already know what to do (e.g. if I’m worried I won’t be able to do it effectively, I’ll practice with one of my peers before I try it with my team).
  3. How could I engage others to hold myself accountable to this plan?