The world has been restructured and reshaped. Behavior is now the source of competitive advantage.

When the world is this tightly connected, our values matter more than ever and in ways they never have before. One act can destroy billions of dollars of shareholder value, inspire millions to try a new product, disrupt global supply chains or even spark revolution among customers or employees. Companies around the world are struggling with issues of productivity, leadership development, accountability, engagement, misconduct and a general failure to meet their potential. Those that align behaviors to sustainable, human values and conduct business with integrity outperform and deliver disproportionate long-term value.

We help organizations develop human operating systems and build healthy interdependencies.

Initiating and managing change around the core of an organization requires a robust vision, wide buy-in, and unconstrained collaboration. We help organizations expand focus from best practice to best behavior through collaboration around five core types of activities with specific design customized to each organization’s individual needs.

  • Catalytic Services: High impact experiences to break through old mindsets, introduce and enlist colleagues in a new set of ideas and spur change.
  • HOW Metrics: Quantitative and qualitative assessments to heighten focus on how things are done at an organization, baseline behaviors, surface risks, and measure progress.
  • Core Architecture: Refresh or re-imagine the core of an organization, its purpose and values, and the design of new frameworks, models, and mechanisms that animate behavior.
  • Applied HOW: Focused efforts to tackle business issues through the lens of governance, culture and leadership, evolving organizations and helping colleagues learn by doing.
  • Education: Experiential, online, mobile and gaming solutions to help scale values, new modes of behavior and inspirational leadership across an organization.

Measuring HOW: New Metrics for a New Reality.

Through empirical research, we have developed and market-tested unique frameworks, behavioral markers and assessment tools that help measure behavior and gauge a company’s character. The intangible has been made tangible, providing insights that can be leveraged to actively shape, manage and reinforce the right culture and behaviors. Our HOW Report, a global study of 36,000 employees in 18 countries, provides a view into organizational behaviors and how they translate into performance outcomes, supporting the idea that culture and behavior are the driving forces behind business.