LRN is proud of its long history of innovation in ethics & compliance. Over the last 20 years we have achieved many firsts, from popularizing the idea of ethics & compliance as a discrete focus area to launching one of the very first online E&C learning management systems. We haven’t rested since, continuing to invest in technology, content and advanced learning strategies that distinguish our solutions in the market.


Learner fatigue and disengagement are among the toughest challenges for E&C education programs to overcome. LRN games create immerse worlds filled with nuanced, sophisticated challenges that increase learner comprehension and retention.

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Mobility & Adaptive Learning

All new LRN courses are released in HTML5 format, allowing for responsive design and adaptive learning. Individual learning paths lead each participant to the content that is appropriate to their knowledge level and educational preferences, on any device, on or off-line.

LRN’s Catalyst Connect is the all-in-one E&C mobile app that integrates your existing compliance tools (e.g. courses, policies, code, hotline) with a powerful search engine to provide answers to your employees when they need it most.

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Program Effectiveness Index (PEI)

Programs spend huge amounts of time and money trying to create ethical, compliant cultures. But is it actually working? LRN advisors survey hundreds of programs each year to find out what works, what doesn’t, and what we can learn from those who are getting results.

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Metrics and Data

LRN continues to innovate in reporting, providing advanced data on both your program and benchmarking against peers by industry, size and geography. The Catalyst learning management system now gives program managers embedded reporting tools and dashboards, allowing real-time monitoring of completions, campaigns and other data.