Everything we do at LRN is about one thing: building thriving, values-based corporate cultures. And it has been for nearly 25 years. Our courses reflect that history and dedication, placing ethics and compliance education at the forefront of your company’s drive to achieve principled performance.


Award-Winning and Innovative Content

We offer unique, memorable learning experiences that deliver positive, ethical messages. We emphasize how behavior matters, rather than focusing only on legal and regulatory compliance. Interactive, story-driven modules and targeted microlearning experiences deepen understanding and reinforce the awareness of core risks, while using impactful, real-world scenarios. Adaptive learning elements personalize the user experience and help target the right content to the right people.


What We Offer


LRN’s online library contains more than 400 courses on 20+ E&C topics that are universally relevant, such as anti-bribery, data privacy, and tackling sexual harassment. Library courses are designed for global audiences and come in a variety of durations, visual styles, tones of voice, and expertise levels to match customized learning plans. LRN produces educational courses and learning materials in 66 languages.


Microlearning offers concise, single-learning objective content presented in a short format. It appeals to a workforce on the go and can be used as a fun tool to reinforce core training topics or to address key risk areas in a less time-demanding presentation. Check out our 40+ microlearning modules.


LRN’s unique short courses are developed independently of our foundational content, allowing for differentiated narrative approach, style, and context. Our 60+ vignettes work
 well as review on critical topics and their core videos can be utilized for email campaigns to target key risk areas, or to respond to incidents with key messaging.

Pay It Forward

What Happens In Vegas


Routine Check Up/Basic Password


Our Course Customizer Tool enables Partners to brand and further target learning, with any changes being easy to make and review. Our tile menu design supports open concept learning, allowing administrators to hide and reveal modules based on relevancy to the target audience.


The majority of online material is already viewed on mobile devices. LRN’s courses are built in HTML5 and designed to be mobile-native, giving learners access to their education and ethics and compliance materials whenever and wherever best suits their individual learning preference. LRN’s Catalyst Connect is the all-in-one ethics and compliance mobile app that integrates your existing compliance tools (e.g., courses, politics, code, hotline) with a powerful search engine to provide answers to your employees when they need it most.


LRN courses can be translated into 66 languages. Audio translation is available on demand.

Certification and Registry

LRN’s Certification and Registry system provides you with a powerful set of management and reporting tools for tracking compliance certifications and employee gifts and disclosures. Certification and Registry also makes it easy to quickly identify risks and address exceptions when they arise.

Blended Learning

Catalyzing Conversations Toolkits are a unique, off-the-shelf system that prepares any employee to lead a rich, effective in-person discussion around E&C topics using a combination of online and live components. These learning tools come complete with video, discussion guides, checklists, and participant notes.

Live Learning

LRN enhances our digital solutions with live learning options that add a human element to ethics and compliance education and promote the cascading of knowledge. Our live training toolkits and facilitator’s guides are meant to inspire conversation and promote deeper understanding to change behavior and reduce risk. Topics range from sexual harassment prevention to respectful communications, and beyond.


LRN games combine our unparalleled content expertise with social learning directed at linking mission and values with positive behavior change. Each game is designed to work independently or as a complement to our other educational courses and knowledge solutions.

Learning Aids

An effective Ethics and Compliance program goes beyond onetime education events. To support the learning objectives and messaging of the library courses, LRN develops infographics and other learning aids such as tips for managers, DOs and DON’Ts, FAQs, and other timely material to create deeper impact, increase awareness, and drive knowledge retention.