Code of Conduct

The cornerstone of any ethics and compliance program is the Code of Conduct.

A Code of Conduct communicates the essence of your company–your character and culture written down.

Companies across the globe choose LRN to help develop values-based codes that inspire, guide, and enable principled performance while fostering vibrant, cohesive, and ethical cultures.

Bringing Your code to life

At LRN, our work with leading companies has proven the power of mission-driven, values-based codes that are engaging, relevant and useful to employees. From boardroom to classroom, factory floor to trading floor from dockside to patient’s bedside–where your people are at work, we help them succeed the right way.

Every organization draws competitive advantage from its unique character and culture; LRN’s custom codes reflect this. Through an in-depth assessment and discovery process, our experts will work in close collaboration with your team to create the content and the design that brings your code to life in whatever format you’ve chosen. We help you plan for an impactful launch, with a strategy designed to drive adoption and sustain engagement. You can then manage risk and build trust while signifying to the world how your company intends to conduct its business.

From update and enhancement to full-scale
reinvention of your Code of Conduct LRN’s team
of experts can deliver a full suite of services.

  • Custom Code Development
  • Mobile App
  • Gamification
  • Simplification
  • Experiential Learning
  • Translation available in 50+ languages


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