Ethics & Compliance Advisory Services

The most effective E&C programs do not simply protect, but propel the business. To create a program that is both a shield against misconduct and an engine towards long-term, sustainable performance requires more than legal knowledge or engaging courses – it takes expertise in meeting ethical challenges, building values-alignment and adult learning theory. The LRN E&C Advisory Services team is made up of former Chief Ethics and Compliance officers, attorneys, adult-learning specialists and others with deep program creation and management experience. The group helps management understand, build and run a program that becomes a source of cultural power for the organization.

Assess + Design + Implement

The E&C Advisory team applies a proven, three-part process to every assignment emphasizing deep discovery, broad input and a strategic perspective on execution.

Assess Using a number of proprietary diagnostic systems based on many years’ experience advising and leading global companies, we assess the overall structure and health of your program, across multiple dimensions, as well as the actual impact of your E&C program on employee behavior.

Design The goal of our program design practice is to recognize the scale of your opportunity and create a framework that takes maximum advantage of it. We identify all relevant stakeholders, gather input around your specific program needs and design a new or modified program that meets your unique goals.

Implement Our team is personally experienced in dealing with all elements of program management, including risk analysis, curriculum design, crisis management, M&A activities, board reporting and more. We can either act as guides or execute specific elements as needed.


Meet Our Advisory Services Team

Code of Conduct

Your Code of Conduct is the foundation for an entire mindset of doing business the right way. An effective code inspires and guides the behaviors that put your values into action. It reinforces the dynamic, cohesive culture you desire in order to build trust, spark innovation, and minimize unwanted risk. LRN can help by periodically applying the Assess + Design + Implement process to ensure your Code’s content, design and overall positioning are optimized for maximum effectiveness.

Model Code of Conduct Course

A unique supporting feature of LRN’s Code Practice is our Model Code of Conduct courses. The Model Code system allows you to construct a complete, customized online course that mirrors your unique Code by choosing from pre-built modules that address all industry-standard code provisions.

Code of Conduct App

LRN has created a mobile code app that provides intuitive, interactive, anywhere/anytime access to the organization’s code & corporate policies. The app supports both iOS and Android, and makes the code searchable and personalized, supports translation and video elements, and provides full usage analytics to program managers.