Promote a culture of compliance that evolves as you innovate.

LRN helps you cultivate trust, increase transparency, and meet regulation.

Deliver an E&C education that holds firm amid rapid digital transformation.

As regulatory guidance, competitive pressures, and societal perspectives continue to evolve for the tech industry, delivering an effective E&C education that resonates with your culture is crucial. Whether you’re dealing with matters related to information security, data protection, whistleblowing, or anti-trust, you need tools and resources that help employees do the right thing and speak up if they see something wrong. LRN provides a range of ethics and compliance solutions that save training time and create a culture of trust across all your employees—no matter where they sit within your organisation.
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Build an ethics and compliance programme that fits your dynamic needs and workforce.

Whether you are looking for customisable content, an intuitive learning management system, or automated workflows for disclosures, our solutions ensure you reach every on- and offline learner and achieve your organisational objectives.

One SaaS platform for all your E&C needs

Purpose built for E&C, the LRN Catalyst platform includes an intuitive LMS, defensible disclosures, a mobile app, and robust reporting. You can create, manage, deliver, analyse, and audit your programme to align to federal guidance while hitting critical KPIs.

Automated certifications and disclosures that save time

With Catalyst Disclosures, you can create an auditable disclosure repository, automate workflows, and glean actionable insights to help meet the challenges of managing risk.

Customisable learning to maximise impact and efficiency

Identify the most relevant courses for each learner population with online role profilers. Then reinforce key concepts on and offline through a range of formats, from infographics to facilitator guides.

Advisory services to guide ethical decision-making

Values strengthen business performance. Whether you need to simplify policies, refresh a code of conduct, or address board oversight, our E&C advisors will help you activate your company’s values to build effective E&C practices.

LRN solutions are trusted by businesses like you.

E&C training courses

Available to your workforce on- and offline, our courses are designed to inspire ethical behaviour while helping you stay compliant with regulation. These fully customisable courses cover a range of key E&C topics for tech companies—including DEI, ESG, and anti-harassment and discrimination.

Maximise efficiency and ethical impact.

Tech companies’ needs have changed drastically in recent years, making it even more crucial to deliver engaging E&C education that prioritises operational efficiency. See why more than 600 organisations trust LRN’s online and offline learning solutions to educate their workforce every year, in offices and facility floors around the world.
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How one tech giant built award-winning DEI learning

LRN worked with Dell Technologies to help them secure a Silver Award in the category Best Learning Programme That Supports and Promotes Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Their custom DEI course used interactive learning scenarios to help Dell team members identify, address, and resolve racial inequities in the workplace using real-life stories.

How you can help people feel comfortable speaking up

Recent LRN research suggests that a lack of organisational justice and trust—two dimensions of culture at play in recent whistleblower motivations—has an outsized impact in governing ethical behaviour. Our new collection of resources offers guidance on how to create cultures where people feel comfortable speaking up.

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